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Want to Buy

  1. S

    WTB: Model X Plaid Reservation

    Would like to buy a Plaid Model X reservation if anyone has one available. (415) 938-4814
  2. K

    2021-22 Model S Refresh 21” Inch Arachnid Buy or willing to trade brand new 19” Inch + Cash

    Looking to buy a set of 21” Arachnid for model S refresh, or trade. I have a brand new set of Model S Tempest 19” Inch with 100 miles on it only. Willing to trade and add cash. I’m in Los Angeles.
  3. T

    Want to Buy 21” Arachnids (Black, 2021+)

    Hey friends, I’m looking to buy a set of the black 21” arachnids. Send me a PM if you’re looking to sell. I am in Denver area but am open to paying shipping. Thanks,
  4. M

    WTB Model X Long Range

    Looking for a Model X Long Range. Please let me know if you have any available for delivery. Thanks. P.S. Have a Model S Plaid and Long Range ready for delivery before price increases if looking for one and want to trade.
  5. K

    ISO AWD M3 or AWD 2014-2017 MS

    Looking for an AWD M3, no preference on colors or an AWD 2014-2018 MS, with free Supercharging and premium connectivity I don’t care about FSD, I know it’s a stretch but looking for 35k Thanks!
  6. J

    WTB: Model 3 19” Wheels

    Hi all, Looking to purchase 19” wheels for my M3. Pre-refresh or post, color doesn’t matter. Looking to spend around $1500 for wheels + tires. Located in ABQ, but I have family in SoCal that I visit on a constant basis. Let me know if you can help! Thanks!
  7. J

    WANT TO BUY Not a Flamethrower

    I would like to purchase a Not a Flamethrower. Does anyone have another one they would sell? Regards Jonathan
  8. S

    Powerwall 2 without gateway

    I need a Powerwall 2 with or without gateway. Must be new! Red Founders would be awesome but most likely impossible. PM me with what you have or leads to one. Thanks
  9. ebirck

    WTB: Arachnid Wheel Set for Model S - Black or Gray

    I'm looking to purchase the Arachnid wheel set for my model s, ideally Black but Gray would be good too - not interested in silver unless anyone has suggestions on where I could get them powder-coated (really like the darker wheels on my Midnight Silver S). I'm in the Washington DC area, would...
  10. Bebop

    WTB: Kids Model S Code

    As the title says. Looking to buy one soon. Thanks!
  11. P

    WTB 24' New HPWC (Normal or Signature)

    Looking to get a 24' HPWC shipped. Send me your best offer.
  12. D

    Is it possible to find a Model S for under $35K?

    Looking for a 2012-13 era MS. Mileage is not a big concern. Definitely not picky as long as it’s under $35K.
  13. L

    Model S: 2015+, AutoPilot, 70D+, Midwest

    Hi, been keeping my eyes peeled for the following in a private sale, but it's been difficult to find one that's remotely close. There are plenty on the coasts, but I'd much rather be able to see/drive the car myself. I'm in Chicagoland. My budget is in the $50-$60k range (ideally an AP1 car...
  14. N

    WTB: 24' HPWC

    New only. Shipped to Ohio. Payment via PayPal.
  15. Tachyon

    22" Turbines - silver ones for MX

    For sale are Silver 22" turbines that I received as my referral reward unmounted unused located in Chicagoland area Name your price
  16. R

    WTB: Unmounted Arachnids

    Looking for a set of unmounted Arachnids. Want to have them powder coated and use non-Michelin tires. Thanks.
  17. K

    WTB: Model S Rear Bumper Reinforcement

    Installing 3rd row seats and need the rear bumper reinforcement. Part number is 1015811-S0-B. Let me know if you've got one to sell.
  18. A

    WTB: Used airbag modules from crashed vehicles

    I guess the subject line covers it. If you have an airbag module from a wrecked S or X, I want it. I also need the SD card from the back of the MCU if you have it.
  19. D

    Looking for a Model 3 (under 50K)

    I'm on the lookout for any Model 3's for under 50K. I anyone finds, or is selling anything in that range, please let me know. Thank you!
  20. B

    WTB Center Console

    New here but looking for model S center console in piano black! Thanks
  21. O

    WTB: Silver Arachnids

    looking for brand new set of Silver Arachnids with tires and TPMS sensors, unmounted and unused in the Chicago Land Area. Offering $3k. Ideally would like to have them put on at the Grand Ave service center
  22. V

    BRAND NEW (closed box)Tesla Model S (BLUE) Radio Flyer - $350

    I just got my referral car, a brand new unopened Blue Tesla Model S radio flyer. I am willing to sell it for $350, firm. Local Pick up preferred - San Jose, Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area. if not shipping in US will be $50. PM me if interested.
  23. T

    WTB: 21” grey turbine wheel

    front staggered: 13 p85+ In Arizona
  24. J

    WTB : Model X - 75D / 90D - East Coast

    All, I am in the market to buy a Model X on the east coast. I am looking for the following Preferebly White / Black / Red / Blue 7 seater configuration Autopilot Let me know. Thanks, J
  25. D

    WTB: Model X 75D/90D (for under $80K)

    I was wondering if anyone is selling a Model X (preferably 75D/90D) for under $80K on the East Coast of the U.S (northeast is a big plus!) I'm looking for under 30K miles, enhanced autopilot is a must, preferably the 6 seat configuration, premium package would also be amazing. I'm open to all...
  26. D

    Looking for a Model X 75D/90D (under $80K)

    I was wondering if anyone is selling a Model X (preferably 75D/90D) for under $80K on the East Coast of the U.S (northeast is a big plus!) I'm looking for under 30K miles, enhanced autopilot is a must, preferably the 6 seat configuration, premium package would also be amazing. I'm open to all...
  27. YauKwan

    WTB 18” OEM model 3 wheels with aero covers

    Anyone going after market on their model 3 and looking to sell the 18”. I’d be interested in buying them. Located in NJ.
  28. B

    Looking to lease take over or buy a Model X (90D or 100D) or Model S P anything

    I want to lease or buy a Model X or Model S in a 90D or 100D or P version. Has to be very loaded and AP2. I'm in San Diego and need the car within a month or two. Will travel anywhere in the West.
  29. D

    WTB AWD Model S - Model 3 reservation to offer

    Hi all, I’m looking for an AWD Model S in the $45-55k range. I have a ready to configure Model 3 reservation, so that can be discussed (trade, transfer, etc.). Must have: Northern NJ location Significant remaining warranty (at least 30k miles) 19 inch wheels AP 1 or 2 Any color other than red...
  30. icanmakeit

    WTB whisper for 2013 model S

    Looking for a good condition whispbar with all hardware for a 2013 model s with Pano. Yes i know you can get them on the tesla site but im looking to save a few $$ Cheers
  31. matt_in_ca

    WTB: Roadster J1772 Adapter or "The Can"

    Looking for "The Can" J1772 adapter or the official Tesla J1772 adapter for the Roadster
  32. R

    WTB: Model S Nosecone - Good Condition

    Looking for an almost new nosecone without drill holes in good cosmetic condition with parking sensor holes. Thanks!
  33. C

    WTB - 19” OEM wheel and tire.

    TPMS or center caps not necessary. Looking for one. Any style is ok. Thanks!
  34. J

    Hood - 2016.5+ facelift Model S

    I am seeking a hood for a newer Model S. 2016-2018 facelift car. Preferably blue, but would consider any color if priced right. :) Thanks all! John
  35. icanmakeit


    Looking for whispbar. Roof rack set up for 2013 model. S. With pano.
  36. Hylnder777

    Car Cover

    I'm looking for a gently used original cover for my Model S. Anyone have one at a reasonable price for a fellow Tesla owner? It will not fit your new Model 3, lol...I will dispose of it properly :)
  37. bob_bear

    Using my model x p100d as a mobile off grid power source?

    I'm a Keen camper and need to upgrade my failing old deep cycle agm batteries. I was looking into equivalent lithium batteries and they're super expensive! It then occurred to me that I'm sitting on the biggest and best lithium battery in my car! Does anyone have any advice / approach /...
  38. V

    Radio Flyer Model S code for sale.

    Hi, I have a Radio Flyer Model S for Kids Redemption Code for Sale for $400. PayPal only. I will send the redemption code immediately after I receive the payment. PM if interested... THANKS!
  39. T

    2013-2015 White Model S, Pano, Black interior

    Looking for any 2013-2015 white Model S with pano roof and black leather interior.
  40. MikeBur

    WTB Black HPWCs

    hi all, “New” house and looking to daisy chain 3 2nd Gen HPWCs. Thinking it would be awesome to have these as all black, so looking for another couple, or 3 - indeed, anyone have one yet? :) Thanks, Mike
  41. MikeBur

    WTB 2014+ Leaf SL or e-Golf Premium SEL

    Hi all. Looking for first car for my daughter. Very proud when she stated “I’ll only consider an electric car, as I mean to start as I will continue”. I’m trying to find right balance between cost, reliability, etc. range of 60-70 miles is great as it’ll be local runabout. Ideal would be...
  42. M

    Model S with AP1 and SAS

    (Can't figure out how to change or delete the old thread, so here we go again). Looking to buy a Model S with AP1 and Smart Air Suspension. 70kwh/85kwh would be nice, 60kwh considered depending on price. Location must be California (unless really good deal, for which I'd consider importing it...
  43. Toppatop55

    LTB MS75D or MS85D New England area

    Im new here and I must say this is the best place for all things Tesla. With that said, Im looking for a 2015-2016 Model S in any configuration as long as it is a D. My price range is up to 60K. If located in the New England area, I can complete purchase within one week. Thanks
  44. G

    WTB: 14-16 Model S

    WTB: Model S, below is my request. I am located in the Carolinas, and ready to buy soon. Prefer no major accidents and warranty is a plus. Tesla 2014 S 85 - 2015 S 70 - 2015 S 85 - 2016 S 60 - 2016 S 70 - 2016 S 75 - Required options: AutoPilot Enabled Panoramic Sunroof (will also...
  45. Mayo

    Kids Radio Flyer Referral Code.

    WTB a Referral Code for a Kids Radio Flyer . Or if interested trade for 19" Slipstream gloss black or 21' tESLA Gloss black rims and some cash. I specifically am looking for a white radio flyer/
  46. F

    Model X

    Willing to look at any Model X at $60k or lower with less than 40k miles with AP2 that is in Southern California. Willing to be patient and wait it out as long as it takes to make this happen. Not real picky on color and completely cool with standard battery and options. PM me if interested.
  47. C

    Interested in taking over an MS lease...

    if anybody has got a Model S, 2016-17 with 18 months or less on their lease in SoCal (or within 500 mi), I am interested. PM me. Cheers
  48. Amclymon

    Tesla TPMS Sensors

    Just as title says want to put sensors in my aftermarket wheels so I don’t have to remove from my oem. I’m in South Florida. Let me know what’s available
  49. L

    Used Model S private purchase advice?

    Hi folks, I'm pretty new here and considering buying a used Model S via private party sale (when I find one). Thanks to everyone sharing their thoughts all around this forum. I was wondering if those who have previously purchased via private party have any wisdom to share. In particular, had a...
  50. K

    WTB MS 60 or better below 40K

    Hello, I am trying to get my first EV. I rented a MS 85 on Turo and was hooked instantly. I'm looking for really anything with less than 100k miles, clean title, more than a 40KWh battery and has to be less than 40k. Any location is fine, in the lower 48, as I can fly wherever you are and drive...

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