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ac compressor

  1. S

    Heat pump compressor short cycling

    Hey all, After 3 months of owning a Tesla Y 2023 I’ve been really struggling with the HVAC energy usage. After talking with the service technicians at Tesla the first time they convinced me there’s nothing wrong, but there’s definitely something wrong. A different service centre here in...
  2. R

    6,000 dollar AC failure and fix on Model S

    Just took my 2013 Model S P85 (50k miles) in due to some AC issues. The AC was making weird sounds and wasn’t working all that great. The vehicle is obviously out of warranty. Initially the estimate came back with a receiver and dryer cap replacement, desiccant bag replacement, high pressure...
  3. A

    AC work unstable / inconstantly / erratic

    Hi everyone. I have strange problem with my air conditioning. Sometimes it's works fine, without any issue. AC compressor, 2 fans works well. But often it didn't work at all. I have many errors for all components of THC system. Errors are the same everytime. Attached it. System filled with...
  4. G

    Dessicant bag maintenance

    My local service provider wants $732 to change the dessicant bag. Seems way high when most of the time a machine is doing the work like removing coolant, evacuating and recharging. What is your experience with this?
  5. REDI KW

    Catastrophic AC failure

    The ac compressor just failed on our RWD 2016.5 MS75 at 98500 miles. We were driving back to AZ from LA on the 10 freeway and got a warning that ac was limited and supercharging may be reduced. We barely made to the Ehrenburg SC as power and regen. slowly dropped to less than 5% and our speed...
  6. A

    Model Y AC compressor failure

    My new 2023 model Y came with a faulty AC compressor. Tesla service is replacing it, but is claiming it will take more than a week to complete the repair. This is after waiting 3 weeks to get the parts. Is this normal? Why should any repair take that long?
  7. G

    AC problems and outrageous billing attempts by TESLA

    Got a 2016 Model X 90D. I had my compressor replaced in August of 2022. It looks like TESLA service center did replace compressor, dryer and desiccant at the time...also did a "flush" as recommended in their maintenance. The bill was 1800+. It's January 2023 now and my AC went down again. They...
  8. 2

    Help! Incorrect Freon in AC Lines

    I inadvertently had R134-A with PAG oil added to my 2014 Model S AC system and now the AC is working intermittently. I know now this is the wrong type of Freon and can be damaging to the compressor. The question I have is: what options do I have now? (1) Can the Freon be vacuumed out and...
  9. G

    AC compressor & Receiver dryer/desiccant

    Hello, The ac compressor on my ‘18 model s is pretty loud and we decided to take it in to have it checked and replaced. One, not crazy about the diagnosis fee but whatever. Second, they came back with the report that we need to replace the ac compressor (what I told them all along) and they also...
  10. theganjaguru

    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    Let me start by saying that the people at the service center were very nice. That being said, the rest of my experience totally sucked. AC broke on 07/02. System would no longer blow hot and cold air. The next available appointment was on 07/14, almost two weeks out. Brought the car in for...
  11. houstonian

    How's Your AC Holding Up? My Compressor's Loud, Failed 3 Times in 3 Years, and Struggles to Cool. Also "same" repair jumped from $1,195 → $2,030.

    Greetings all. Have a 2017 S 75D with ~185k on the clock. Very pleased with the car but running into systemic AC issues - specifically compressor (part number 1063369-00-J) failures - see my prior post on the subject for more info. What's currently happening: AC compressor is becoming louder...
  12. rjcampeau

    Model S60 AC Intermittent and Making Noise

    Last summer during a really hot day (40+C), my AC just stopped working, which was quite scary because we had to get our 5 week old baby home asap before the car got too hot. According to the teslafi log, it got up to 36C inside. Later that day I hopped in my car and it worked just fine and we...
  13. S

    AC vent constant medium/high pitch whistling noise when climate is on, normal?

    Hello, Took delivery of brand new 2022 Model 3 RWD a few days ago. Noticed that when I have my climate on, my fan speed at 1, 2, or 3, and any temperature above 20 degrees Celsius, there seems to be a whistling/whining noise coming from the vents. This is regardless of whether or not my A/C is...
  14. Pandalus

    Air conditioner fails twice in two years - advice appreciated?

    Short version: I replaced the compressor in my 2014 Model S just two years ago. Service is telling me it has failed again and want to charge me $4000 for the full fix. Something feels off about all this, and so I'm seeking advice. Longer version: In 2019, I bought a used 2014 Model S85. I...
  15. J

    AC compressor starts and stops frequently

    Hi, Jonas from Sweden here. I have found that the AC compressor starts for just some seconds and stops for about 10s and then starts again. As it is quite cold in Sweden now it is tough to do a complete AC test. Tesla SC may want go exchange the complete compressor but I have 300miles to nearest...
  16. DrJeff

    AC Compressor, PTC Air Heater, and Body Control Module

    I've got spares from my EV Conversion project (TesLorean - Delorean with Tesla technology) that I cannot use (PTC too large for DeLorean, AC Compressor is CAN driven, BMC not needed). All the parts come from a salvaged 2017 MS 70D. Note : the AC Compressor and PTC Heater are CAN controlled...
  17. S

    AC Noise - Loud!

    I know this has been discussed before, but my 2 month old Model S AC is getting louder. Yes, I know it is getting hotter...! I've attached a short version, and a longer one showing how the AC starts and kicks in. In that one, you can also hear the AC unit step up and down responding to the...