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  1. Mark Bencze

    YouTube, Disney, Prime working while in motion!

    Hey everyone, this is my very first thread and my very first post. I have a bit of an Android development background you could say and I like to tinker quite a bit. I'm actually a forum moderator on XDA developers as well, so I know a little bit about tinkering. Anyway, I just got my model 3...
  2. TMC Staff

    Blog Rivian Vans Hit the Road for Amazon

    Amazon’s Rivian-built vans are officially making deliveries. Amazon released a video overview of the new vans, pointing out that the vehicle went from sketch to deliveries in just a year. Amazon has ordered 100,000 vans from Rivian. Amazon previously released a list of the van’s features...
  3. TMC Staff

    Zoox Unveils All-Electric Robotaxi

    Zoox, Amazon’s autonomous vehicle effort, unveiled Monday its all-electric robotaxi prototype. Amazon says the vehicle is designed for dense, urban environments. The vehicle is capable of operating up to 75 miles per hour and has bidirectional driving capabilities and four-wheel steering...
  4. TMC Staff

    Check Out the Rivian-Amazon Delivery Van

    Amazon has offered a look at the Rivian-designed van that will electrify its delivery fleet. In addition to ordering 100,000 vans from Rivian, Amazon is also an investor. In a blog post, Amazon showed one of three different models customized with Rivian to “enhance the driver experience...
  5. TMC Staff

    Amazon Acquires Self-Driving Startup Zoox

    Amazon has purchased self-driving technology startup Zoox for more than $1 billion, the latest show of the online retailer’s interest in vehicles that can operate on their own. Amazon has previously placed bets on Rivian, which is developing self-driving tech to pair with its electric pickup...
  6. D

    SiriusXM and Amazon Echo Auto

    My biggest frustration with my TM3P Stealth is the lack of SiriusXM. Basically that is all I listen to. I have it on my phone and can stream it through BT but it’s a PITA to search for the channel I want. Last year I registered to get a Beta of Amazon Echo Auto for the car and I recurved it...
  7. S

    Will this mean more (if that's possible) car break-ins?

    Do you see this as a Bad Idea like I do? I saw this news story about Amazon starting a package delivery service today for Amazon Prime members where your orders are delivered directly to your locked car wherever it it parked (has to be accessible like in lot, on street, public lot). Select newer...
  8. G

    EV Car - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    EV Car - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration
  9. G

    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    I've created an Alexa skill that lets you monitor and control some Tesla functions using an Amazon Echo. You can get charge status, location & climate state. You can also control your car - flash lights, honk, start/stop charging, start/stop climate system and lock/unlock doors. This does not...
  10. hughconn

    [JOKE] Tesla and Amazon in partnership (Drones deliver Model S for Jim Cramer)

    Checkout this video from a supposed neighbor of Jim Cramer's... Amazon drones deliver Tesla for jim Cramer? - YouTube