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Will this mean more (if that's possible) car break-ins?


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Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
Do you see this as a Bad Idea like I do? I saw this news story about Amazon starting a package delivery service today for Amazon Prime members where your orders are delivered directly to your locked car wherever it it parked (has to be accessible like in lot, on street, public lot). Select newer cars with the On-Star system including GM and Volvos using Volvo on Call are able to use this service. Guess if launching a service to delivery packages inside your house wasn't inclusive enough now they're going after your car. So instead of having your packages stolen off your porch, thieves will now cause damage to your home or car in addition to grabbing your packages.

Amazon will now deliver packages to the trunk of your car

Having had our car broken into here in the SF Bay Area where car incidents are very high, I can only think this must be a nightmare scenario for police and car owners alike. Thankfully Tesla's not on this list of deliverable car choices or I'm sure more of our cars would be broken into. Who knows maybe Tesla break-ins will go down now.
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Of course all kinds of cars are getting broken into but I can tell you from our dashcam footage from last year, they parked their car and went to our car first thing, so Tesla was definitely a target in my mind. Breaking the small rear window and reaching in to flip the seat down gives them a view under the parcel shelf (since removed the shelf as we'd rather have them see inside and pass us over). We had nothing in the liftgate area and ended up with a $1600 window repair bill because we had a nice car.

Last summer especially we had many Bay Area owners on here report that the same kind of break-in happened to them. There was one ring that got shut down in Fremont that was shipping stolen mdse from car break-ins overseas for sale but it's still going on around the bay.

But back to the Amazon news, I can't help but think how enticing it is to thieves to watch Amazon load your trunk or back seat up with packages knowing your not there.
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I would do this when my car is parked at work since i work in Foster City where crimes of this nature are virtually nonexistent, but it's not really any more efficient than to have it delivered directly to my mail room, IMHO.

Terrible idea.
Yep, first thing I thought of when I read about this service: Great, now thieves will be on the lookout for Amazon deliveries to car trunks and, as soon as the delivery vehicle pulls away, swoop in, pop the trunk and grab the package. Damaged car along with lost goods.
Fortunately, Amazon will not force you to receiver your packages in your car. You can still have them delivered to your home instead. If thieves steal from your home, that's not really the fault of the merchants or carriers. I see no advantage to this system over having packages delivered to my home. Crime is a problem that's not limited to Amazon or to cars.