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  1. Newscutter

    Expired Set of 4 OEM Tesla Arachnid 21" staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot tires [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Set of 4 OEM Tesla Arachnid 21" staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot tires. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. K

    Model X using Model S Plaid wheels?

    I have a pair of stock 21” Arachnid wheels off my ‘22 S Plaid. Wife’s ‘22 X had the 20” stock wheels and they are pretty beat up. 1. Has anyone seen a Model X on arachnid wheels they could send a picture of? 2. Any other potential issues? Looks like offset may be a little different on the...
  3. H

    Sold Pending Sale: Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2019)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2019). Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Pending Sale: Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2019)

    For sale Pending Sale: Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2019)

    These wheels are priced as low as they are because they are not in perfect shape. Two of the wheels have curb rash. One is not very noticeable and was covered with some temporary paint, the other is seen in the second picture of this listing. All of the tires, except the one on the wheel with...
  5. G

    Expired 2022 Tesla Model S Long Range For Sale [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2022 Tesla Model S Long Range For Sale. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. J

    Fitment for 2017 Model S with TSportline Arachnid Staggered Setup

    I have a 2017 Model S P100D and am fitting the TSS 20” (Arachnid style) wheels. Does anyone use the TSportline TSS 20” staggered 20x9” front and 20x10” rear? TSportline recommends using 245/40/20 tires in front and 275/40/20 tires in the rear. I’m thinking of going with 245/40/20 in front and...
  7. M

    Available 21" Arachnid Wheels in Silver (Set of 4 Wheels/Tires/TPMS) [Orlando, FL]

    Hello all, new here! I have for sale a full set of Model S Silver Arachnid wheels. Below are the sizes (They are a staggered configuration). 245/35/R21 Front 265/35/R21 Rear I do have a tire for the wheel that is bare (tire not pictured). There is some rash on one of the front wheels, btu the...
  8. M


    I have a set of 21” Arachnid wheels and tires with TPMS sensors. Take off the car at 1500 miles. Zero damage of any sort Tires have even wear and are in great shape
  9. B

    Available Genuine OEM 2021-2023 Tesla Model S Refresh Long Range / Plaid 19” Tempest Wheels & Continental ProContact RX tires. Under 200 miles! San Diego, CA.

    Location: SoCal Up for sale is a set of genuine OEM Tesla Model S Refresh 19” Tempest wheels & Tesla specific Continental ProContact RX all season tires with less than 200 miles! These new take offs are so immaculate you can eat off them! No curb rash or damage of any kind. Tires measure 9/32”...
  10. G

    Available 2nd Gen Model S parts/accessories

    Sold my 2016 S and have several used parts for sale. Gonna do one post for all. I live in the greater Seattle area and only wanna sell in person if at all possible. Shipping can be done but cost is not included in price. For sale: ——21” silver arachnid wheels, TPMS sensors, one tire needs...
  11. ThatGoogleGuy

    Model S Plaid 21" Arachnid Wheels and Two Tires

    Selling the wheels and tires as a bundle for $1500 OBO. I didn't do too much research on the value of these used, but figured taking off over 50% of the new price was a good starting point. (4x) 21" OEM black Arachnid wheels for the Tesla model s plaid - I don't know enough about them to know...
  12. H

    21” arachnid wheels/tires for 2012-2020 model S - Atlanta, GA - for sale

    Set of 4 staggered black arachnids and tires for sale. Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Lots of tread left. Asking $3,250 or best offer. Hard to find. Super sharp. Some road rash in the rims. They came off of my 2019 Tesla model S performance. OEM and sold by Tesla for $6k. In Atlanta. Call or...
  13. G

    FS: 21" Model S Plaid Arachnid Wheels Genuine OEM

    Selling a set of genuine 21” Tesla Model S Plaid arachnid wheels. Removed from a 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid for aftermarket wheels. Less than 2k miles of use. Factory original Tesla satin dark grey finish They are in excellent condition. No bends, cracks, or repairs. The finish presents well...
  14. Kdewalt10

    20 in OEM MS Slipstream wheels

    Hello I’m looking for some cheap 21 in arachnids (for about $1000 or less)or some cheap 20 in slipstreams from a Model X for about $500 Tires or no tires TPMS or no TPMS I’m interested in them Kyle 815-257-5953
  15. M

    Trade my 22 inch Plaid Model S rims for arachnid 21 inch?

    Hello - I live in Tucson where my 22 inch rims look great but the roads are a little rough for my taste. I am interested in trading the 22 inch rims on my 2022 Model S Plaid for the 21 inch Arachnids that belong on a 2022 Model S Plaid. These rims will come with the used tires or without any...
  16. A

    WTB/WTT: MSLR Refresh 2021-2022 Arachnid wheels

    I will buy your Model S Refresh 2021-2022 Arachnid wheels or trade for Tempest (1.5K mi). I am in Seattle area.
  17. R

    21' Tesla Model S Refresh, Low Milage

    Selling my in perfect condition refresh Tesla Model S. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Paint is fully protected with clear/hydrophobic Suntek Reaction wrap PPF. Handwashed bi-weekly. 0 scratches, 0 swirls, 0 marring. No rim damage or scratches. Non-smoking owner and kept indoors. Immaculately...
  18. piage

    Irvine, Ca - $1900 19” Tesla Model S Tempest Aero Wheels 5x120 19x8.5” +35 Pirelli With Less Than 1k Miles On Them

    19” Tesla Model S Tempest Aero Wheels 5x120 19x8.5” +35 Pirelli With Less Than 1k Miles On Them Ordered a set of Aftermarket wheels and letting these go. These dont include the TPMS sensors Located in Irvine, CA - $1900
  19. googleiscoul

    Silver Arachnid Wheels

    (Northern VA Area) Used for about 500 miles and have been laying in my garage since - one of the tires will need to be replaced as there is a slow leak. Will post pics once I get a chance to give them a wash. $3500 OBO (I believe these only fit the model S) (I am not considering shipping as of now)
  20. AhadV

    For Sale (4) 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels - No Tires - No Curb Rash

    Hello everyone, Located in DFW, will ship if buyer pays shipping: 4 Original Tesla Arachnid Wheels 21" (Silver) No Tires Year: 2018 Asking for $2000 obo Can get some photos up in a few days I just sold my 2018 Model S and have had these in my garage as backup wheels.
  21. P

    For Sale - 21" Black Arachnid Wheels & Tire (2012-2020 - Model S) - (Seattle/Bellevue area)

    21" black Arachnid wheels and tires for 2012-2020 Model S for sale. Seattle/Bellevue area - $3500/obo. • 2 x 21X8.5J Black Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Black Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/ZR21 – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S • 2 x 265/35/ZR 21 – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S • 4 x Tire pressure sensors •...
  22. H

    21inch Refresh Arachnid wheels and tires, brand new in GTA, Toronto Canada

    Brand new, driven only 5km straight from the showroom. Let me know if you're interested! (Tires, Wheels and TPMS)
  23. Y

    Looking for Michelin Sport 4S 21" inch tires for my Arachnid Wheels

    Looking for these tire sizes for the Arachnid wheels 265 35 21 295 30 21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, T2 Tesla, Acoustic Tech Let me know if you have any available please! Thanks! If you also have Arachnid wheels with tires for sale let me know please
  24. M

    FS 21” Silver Arachnid Wheels/Tires (Southern TX)

    Set of OEM Tesla 21” Silver Arachnid Wheels/Tires for 2012-2020 Model S. Have been driven ~8000 miles. One wheel has several superficial scrapes, which likely may be buffed out at a wheel shop, if desired; another wheel has superficial rock chips (see attached photos). Asking $2800 OBO...
  25. quickspool

    Wanted Black OEM Arachnids (2012-2020)

    Hello, Looking for a set of 21” black OEM Tesla Model S Arachnid wheels with or without tires (Year 2012-2020) please. Thank you! Andrew.
  26. D

    Do I need winter tires for my 2021+ model S LR?

    I live in eastern Iowa and my tesla S has the 21 inch arachnid wheels. We get some pretty good storms in February March and even April. I plan to drive the factory installed tires in the chill acceleration mode, but do not know if this eliminates the need for winter tires. Your thoughts please
  27. lingula


    Set of OEM Tesla Arachnid wheels from their referral program. These are stunning 21 inch wheels and tires, staggered to give your Model S an aggressive stance. Have been driven about 5000 miles. 2 of the wheels have superficial scrapes which can easily be buffed out at a wheel shop if you care...
  28. marksvend

    Brand new 21" Arachnid wheel/tire set (Seattle area)

    21" silver Arachnid wheels and tires for 2012-2020 Model S. Brand new, never been installed. Seattle area (Issaquah) - $3500. • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/21 – Continental ContiSportContact 5P tires • 2 x 265/35/21 – Continental...
  29. CameronB

    Brand New 21" Arachnid Wheels and Tires (Bay Area)

    21" Silver Arachnid Wheels for Model S. $4000 OBO. New/ Never mounted set includes the following: • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 96Y XL • 2 x 265/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 101Y XL • 4 x tire...
  30. nguyentoogood

    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2012-2021) | $2200

    Up for sale is my set of Authentic Tesla Arachnids. These are a really unique style wheel and is forged so it's very light for it's size. What included: 2x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels 2x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid wheels 4x tire pressure sensors 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The wheels themselves...
  31. ClarkJoeKent

    WTB 21” Black Arachnid Wheel & Tire Set for 2012-2020 Model S (Georgia)

    Currently have sonic carbon twin turbine in great condition. Willing to trade or discuss a deal.
  32. C

    Model S 2021 - Trade 21" Arachnid wheels and tires for 19"Tempest wheels and tires + cash

    If you would like these really cool wheels for your 2021 Model S, let me know. Must exchange in Atlanta. Expecting delivery in Atlanta on September 24. I will make a very good deal.

    New to TMC w/mods and pics

    Introducing myself here! My grownup toy and list of mods… 2017 Model S Black 90D 21” Arachnid wheel package, Advanced wheel locks, OEM spoiler, Rplate, interior led lighting, projection puddle lights, satin black chrome delete, red T emblem overlays, smoke PPF fog and headlights film, smoke...
  34. T

    For Sale: Massachusetts: set of 4 Model S Arachnid wheels & tires

    Selling close to brand new set of 4 Tesla Model S Arachnid wheels & Michelin Super Sport tires. Please reach out via email : [email protected] or phone 978. 727. 3588.
  35. M

    21" Arachnid's w/ Michelin Super Sports, brand new, Seattle area

    I've got a brand new set of 21" Arachnid wheels for sale. Picked up from Tesla, but never installed onto the car. Very nice wheels, much lighter and stronger than the 21" turbines. $3000 and local pickup in the Seattle area • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid...
  36. AhadV

    FS: Tesla 21" Arachnid Wheels

    Hello Everybody, Looking to sell my 21" Tesla Arachnid Wheels for my 2017/2018 Model S. Includes TPMS, but no tires. I had them powder coated the same color so they no longer have any curb rash and basically look new. $2000 + Buyer arranges shipping. Located in Dallas, TX. Thanks!
  37. B

    FS: BRAND NEW Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheel Set with Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    Brand new set of 21" silver arachnids. SC installed them without asking, took it for a test drive, and then called me and I told them to take them off. I borrowed a friend's pickup and brought them back to my house. Includes brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires along with TPMS. Location is...
  38. P

    Does the rim (not size) make any difference in the ride quality?

    So, I recently traded in a 2016 85D for a new 2020 Long Range Model S with staggered 21" Twin Turbines with Continental ContiSportContacts. The 2016 85D originally had non-staggered 21" Turbines with Continental ContiSportContacts. Through the referral program I obtained 21" Arachnid rims with...
  39. B

    Brand New Tesla Model S 21" black Arachnid wheels, tires & sensors

    For sale are 4 brand new (never been mounted) Tesla Model S 21"Arachnid staggered wheels in black, with staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, tire pressure sensors, Tesla logo wheel caps, and lug nut covers. $4500.00 Includes: • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Silver...
  40. K85P

    21" Arachnid Silver Wheels and Tires - Model S - NEW

    Selling a set of (4) staggered Arachnid wheels and tire set. Brand new / 0 miles on tires! These come with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires! Rims in excellent condition. See detailed photos. I don't have a need for these as I already have after market 21" Vossen wheels :) Located in the Bay...
  41. M

    Black Tesla Model S Limited Edition 21" Arachnid Wheels & Tires

    $2,800 Driven 2,000 miles Local pick-up in MD.
  42. MelaniainLA

    BRAND NEW Tesla Model S BLACK 21 ARACHNID Wheels & Tires x4, mounted + TPMS LOS ANGELES SANTA MONICA

    READY FOR IMMEDIATE PICKUP IN SANTA MONICA (no shipping) LOWEST PRICE ON OFFERUP Retails for $6000 PLUS TAX (total $6600) from Tesla directly (plus backordered) Tesla Model S 21” BLACK Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package These are OEM black, NOT powder coated like others being sold on OfferUp...
  43. alexhamilton71

    Black 21" Arachnid Wheels Complete Set of 4 Seattle $3,000

    Set of 21" Black Arachnid wheels for sale. No curb rash, perfect condition. Details: 4 - 21x9 Black Arachnid wheels 2 - 245/35R21 Pirelli Sottozero 3 tires (1,000 mi) 2 - 275/35R21 Pirelli Sottozero 3 tires (1,000 mi) 4 - Center caps 4 - Gen2 TPMS PM me if interested. Local pickup preferred...
  44. AhadV

    WTS OEM Set of 21” Arachnid Wheels $2500 obo

    Hi guys, I am looking to sell my Model S 21” Arachnid Wheels. I just had them powder coated hyper silver so they are pristine condition. They include two TPMS sensors, I had to use the other two for my new set of wheels. No tires. Looking for $2500 obo.
  45. B

    FS: BRAND NEW Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheel Set with Tires and TPMS in SoCal

    Brand new set of 21" silver arachnids. SC installed them without asking, took it for a test drive, and then called me and I told them to take them off. I borrowed a friend's pickup and brought them back to my house. Includes brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires along with TPMS. Location...
  46. J

    WTB 21in Arachnids

    Hi, trying to buy a set of Tesla 21inch Arachnid wheels any color preferably with tires and looking to spend $1k - $1500. Local to San Diego County, so I can pick up anywhere in SoCal. Also Looking to sell my 19in oem split 5 spoke wheels. Message me if interested in selling your wheels. :)
  47. A

    FS: New Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels Set

    Decided not to use these (referrals) and get MCU2 upgrade instead :) I'm in Union County, NJ area. Not shipping, so local pickup or drop if interested. Asking for $2,500 (wish Tesla SC would let me use these as a payment :D)
  48. CameronB

    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    For anybody who has previously replaced the base 19" Slipstream wheels on their Model S with the 21" Arachnid wheels, I am very interested to hear some actual feedback by people who have made this switch (as opposed to ancetotal information that we kind of all know already). I know many people...
  49. E

    FS: 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels - Used

    This is for a set of 21" Arachnid Wheels from the Referral Program. The tires are at 5/32 and were removed at the Plano Service Center the other day. In the photos, you can see that there are small blemishes on the rear driver's side wheel. That was fixed by Tesla and have included the photo of...
  50. S

    WTB: Set of Arachnids - Serious Buyer 2.5k

    I know these are 6k on the site and most people here are selling these for 3k new. I'd like to throw it out that instead of hassling and posting your set, I'll take it for 2.5k. Let me know, thanks all!