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auto present door handles

  1. S

    Crazy: windshield replacement -> bricks climate system -> bricks right front passenger door handle

    Posting this story because it is a case of surreal Tesla engineering that just defies imagination. At end of January I woke up to my 2021 LR Model S with an end to end horizontal crack in my windshield that seemingly came out of nowhere while sitting overnight in a driveway in Stowe VT. Low...
  2. danwilliams5

    Gen 3 door handle buzzing/squealing

    Tesla peeps smarter than me, I’ve got a rear door handle acting up. A high pitched whine coming from the handle assembly. It had been intermittent, leaving the door handle extended partly then last night it went in, stayed in and constant whine (see video). Car off, reset with scroll wheels...
  3. N

    Driver door handle presenting and retracting three times every mode transition

    Each time I transition from park to drive/reverse or activate the door handles from the outside and allow it to timeout to retract the handles, the driver door handle retracts and presents exactly three times. The handle does not appear to be damaged in any way and suffered no trauma. There were...
  4. G

    Phone Key not auto-presenting handles, but Fob does?

    I've got a 2021 Plaid S and prior to the 2021.44.25.2 update everything was working just fine. Now with my phone key the handles do not auto-present, but the pressure sensor method works fine. The keyfobs both cause the correct auto-present behavior. I've tried the two-scrollwheel reset...
  5. N

    Auto-presenting door handles retrofit?

    Hello guys, Is there a retrofit for this? I have the auto-i=unlock feature, which basically means I can walk up to the car with fob in pocket and tap the door handles to unlock the car. I am wondering if I am simply missing the fob antenna's and a firmware update in order to enable...
  6. remarc

    Horrible Service - 4 Service Trips No Fix Auto Present Door Handles

    Hey Tesla Fans Just needed to vent to you all and see if anyone is having an issue with Tesla Service and/or if you have a fix for me. June 1st - I received my Model S on June 1st and notices the handles did not auto present. Spoke with Tesla Service via phone and did all the usual software...