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  1. exxxviii

    Autosteer & Automatic Turn Signals Misbehaving

    My Autosteer has always been so-so in that it does not consistently disengage when I apply a turn signal to change lanes. Now with Automatic Turn Signals, I am getting a little more data and am curious if others are experiencing similar behaviors... During my drives, I think that Autosteer...
  2. M

    Automatic Calendar Navigation Not Working

    My iPhone’s calendar automatically syncs to my 2019 Raven Model S, but, even though I have automatic navigation turned on in the car settings, the navigation map does not automatically show directions to the next appointment in my calendar when I get into my car. It used to work some time ago...
  3. F

    So-Cal Power Frunk / Trunk Group Buy Interest?

    So....I have a '19 M3 Stealth Performance...and I'm feeling a little "osbornish" about some of the new features. While living in SoCal...I don't think the heat pump will make a huge difference for me, specifically - but I do like the power trunk option. So I got to researching and there is a...
  4. markn455

    Not Automatically Switching from 3G to LTE when back in Coverage

    I am having a problem with my connection not changing back to LTE when I drive into a 4G/LTE coverage area. When I start out on a drive from my home I only have 3G coverage. About 1-2 miles down the road I enter an LTE coverage area. My MS never switches to LTE. I can have 5 bars of signal and...
  5. C

    Phantom braking (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Moderation comment - thread renamed from "Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]" Phantom breaking has got a lot worse after last 2 updates. It used to be a lot better. Now feels like it going to do it anytime you get close to a truck/lorry even when they are clearly in their lane...
  6. Catung

    Install automatic front & truck - customization.

    Hi everyone! Anyone located in Indiana know a place where they will install automatic fronk & trunk? Or I'm assuming this is something that we need to buy the kit and DIY it? I've been looking online for a shop that does this, but unfortunately I have not ran into luck besides PPF...
  7. OmegaZ

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate! (Round Two 10-23-19 to 10-27-19)

    Hi everyone, I organized the first group buy for this power liftgate automatic open/close the trunk, the frunk, and foot sensor for the Model 3. It was a huge success, and I received a lot of requests to do another group buy for these kits. Trunk: Frunk: Model X & S Frunk...
  8. NCM3

    Improved Wipers

    During this morning's drive in light rain I noticed a drastic improvement in the automatic wipers. They have been way too inconsistent in the past, but today it seems like the camera is picking up even small drops and speed is dead on to keep the windshield clear. I know Elon promised they...
  9. M

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    I can almost never use auto wipers. It seems under most conditions my visibility gets to borderline to outright dangerous before they activate. Even in a steady downpour they only wipe intermittently leaving intervals of near total blindness. Adding to the danger is the fact that to change...
  10. lunitiks

    Door smashed by truck as it automatically opens

    Tesla Model X door gets torn off by truck as it automatically opens, owner and Tesla argue over what happened Google Maps
  11. C

    High beams

    it seems like my high beams on my MS 85D never turn on automatically through the controls setting; how do I test it? I have gone in fairly dark places with no reflections and barely any light but it never switches automatically to high beams. If I turn it on manually by pulling the stalk...