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  1. 299792458

    How to be a Good Steward of Your FSDBeta Access

    What is the Tesla FSDBeta team looking for from us? What feedback is automatic (i.e. Tesla retrieves it to further refine or develop features), and what can we purposely do to support the software team's progress (in terms of feedback - i.e. "Video Record" button, email feedback, etc). I know...
  2. Bet TSLA

    MuZero and the autonomous driving game

    DeepMind's paper on MuZero is out in Nature. Here's their blog post: MuZero: Mastering Go, chess, shogi and Atari without rules For many years, researchers have sought methods that can both learn a model that explains their environment, and can then use that model to plan the best course of...
  3. L

    Could bugs (insects) defeat FSD?

    https://debugger.medium.com/dead-bugs-are-getting-in-the-way-of-fully-autonomous-self-driving-cars-abf5bdf932fb forgive me if this has already been posted, but I'm looking for feedback on this article. it would be a bummer if FSD was defeated for such a low tech reason.
  4. willow_hiller

    GM's Cruise tweets cryptic message, plans announcement on January 21

    Here's the tweet: Cruise on Twitter Those coordinates correspond to: Dahuting Han Dynasty Tombs Merthyr Tydfil, UK Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park Foundation Guglielmo Marconi UCLA Google/PARC Midtown Manhattan Cruise HQ Speculations?
  5. Lasairfion

    Full Self Driving's Effect on Tesla Vehicle Pricing - How Far Away?

    Well, I was looking forward to Full Self Driving coming sooner than everyone expects it. But since Tesla will be raising the prices of their cars out of consumer reach as soon as Full Autonomy is solved, I'm going to hope it takes a bit longer. Some countries have a year or more delay beyond US...
  6. Wiki

    Wiki Tracking FSD Feature Complete

    Background : In the Ark podcast Musk said they are planning to be feature complete by the end of the this year (2019). Feature complete is a specific software term that means set of features that are planned for a particular project / release have been coded & tested to be working to meet the...
  7. dqd88

    What is your prediction re Waymo/Lidar?

    If Elon is right, and Waymo (et al) scraps Lidar at some point after they realize it's too expensive, etc... What happens then? Do they write-off all that Cap-ex that went into Lidar? Do they start from the ground up with Vision? Do they call it quits? Do they try to acquire Tesla for autonomy...
  8. Enginerd

    Navigate On Autopilot: automatic lane change results

    Everybody has anecdotal experience with automated lane changes using Navigate on Autopilot (NOA). We see comments such as "works for me every time", "kinda sketchy", or "merged into the fast lane without considering the guy coming at 100 mph". All of these observations are true, but don't...
  9. D

    Autonomy: $40,000 CAD Net Gain per year

    Hello fellow TMC users! I was a bit surprised to not see an analysis of profit potential that Elon quoted at $30k USD/yr. As such, I made my own, and I welcome any feedback or criticism. Any is welcome! Docs link: Tesla Autonomy April 2019 For a version without images, for those who do not...
  10. S

    This Model 3 Ad Knows Why We're Excited for Full Autonomy!

  11. strangecosmos

    Tesla’s next major milestone: no driver input required on the highway

    Elon said at the Tesla Shareholder Meeting that he was personally testing an Enhanced Autopilot build that drove autonomously from highway onramp to offramp with no input from him. He said the feature set could be released in a few months (i.e. 2069 A.D.). This is still Level 2 autonomy since it...
  12. strangecosmos

    Andrej Karpathy talks at about using deep learning to make Tesla’s autonomous

    Couldn’t find a thread about this talk anywhere. Apologies if it’s already been posted.
  13. lunitiks

    Autopilot simulation!

    I think this topic deserves a thread of its own. In September 2017, Mike and @Caleb Elston at the Tesla Show did an excellent podcast on Autopilot simulation (highly recommended listening). I was struck by the huge potential this simulation stuff seems to have. Please note that there's...
  14. S

    Optimize travel time = ...going as fast as possible?

    Hello to all, there was a lot of discussion about the best charging / speed strategy in order to minimize the journey time. However, one of the graph posted on this post : Driving & Charging Time is pushing me to believe that indeed, the quicker you go, the faster your journey! Hear me out. I...
  15. tescroft

    S-Class Drive Pilot 2.0 vs. Tesla Autopilot

    Hello The new S-Class is available this fall and it comes with "Drive Pilot 2.0" or Intelligent drive as they call their system right now, available for about 4000 USD. While the old Drive Pilot 1.0 was clearly worse than Autopilot, based on magazine tests, it seems Drive Pilot 2.0 offers now...
  16. MarkS22

    Autopilot needs to learn "courtesy."

    One of the most glaring pieces of the puzzle missing for me is the ability for Autopilot to be, for lack of a better term, a courteous driver. I feel like this could be achieved with both HW1 and (definitely) HW2. Specifically, I find most of my manual disengagements are because a car is in...
  17. Carspotter Daily

    CBC has one thing to say about autonomous cars

    If you would like to have a good laugh at how unbiased the media is, then click this link. I'm currently sending the CBC an essay about how inaccurate the article is - obviously whoever wrote it didn't do their research or chose to ignore laws stating that a driver must be at the wheel at all...