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autopilot autosteer

  1. D

    Autopilot Autosteer - what is the true benefit if your hands are semi-always on the wheel?

    2015 P85D AP1 I personally like to "drive" so I really don't care for APAS (auto pilot autosteer) and my opinion of it is gimmicky. I do love the TACC (traffic aware cruise control) and how I can keep my distance setting at 7 and the car knows to stays back and adjust cruise speed accordingly...
  2. M

    My M3 failed to keep my car in the middle of lane

    Hello Everyone, My M3 Autopilot failed to keep the car in the middle of lane. This is happening intermittent. I think this might be a software issue because the car knows it is not in the middle of lane. Even in the straight road, the steering wheel is keep adjusting itself which is...
  3. milleron

    Autosteer veering into left lane line

    My car is a 2017 75D with AP2. This problem has been getting progressively worse for the last year, through many upgrades. Right after each upgrade, when engaging Autosteer on the freeway, the car will center itself pretty well until the freeway goes into a long sweeping left curve. In that...
  4. resrc

    Petitie tegen beperkende EU regels voor Autopilot

    Met software update 2019.16.1 zijn een aantal beperkingen in Autopilot doorgevoerd vanwege nieuwe EU regelgeving. Dit komt het gebruik van autopilot niet ten goede. Zie Tesla nerfs Autopilot in Europe due to new regulations voor achtergrond info. Petitie: We are concerned about the future of...
  5. O

    Autosteer -- 1st gen hardware -- speed limitation removed?

    I drive my Model S, delivered July 2016, on some two lane roads here in Northeast MA. Those roads include US Highway 1 and bunches of others. Since I started using it on those roads, the speed at which autosteer may be engaged has been limited to the posted speed limit plus 5MPH. But...