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  1. X

    Badge Removal and Install

    If anyone is interested on the removal of the trunk badge and the install of the “TESLA” badge on the model 3. This video was helpful. I was able to do the work myself for less than $10 and a few household items like dental floss, goo gone, a rag and dish detergent.
  2. B

    Rebadging template suggestions?

    I had my model 3 wrapped and got replacement black chrome T emblems for the trunk and frunk as well as new Dual Motor/red stripe (have stealth performance) for right of the license plate. I'm wondering if anyone has fashioned a template to use for placing these centered and straight and can...
  3. I

    Looking for Matte Black Metal Tesla Badges

    I'm looking for a set of OEM-sized matte black Tesla badges to replace the chrome ones. I tried purchasing badges from a company called Emblems Only. After a month of them showing as shipped and them ignoring my emails and calls, I have claimed fraud through my credit card company... sigh... I...
  4. Wildcat

    Chrome Delete on P100D - what do people do on the P100D badge?

    Doing a Chrome delete on my 2017 Model S P100D that I just bought. I am wondering for those that have done it on P100D or P90D, what do you do on the P100D or P90D badge. Do you chrome delete the whole thing or just the 100 and the line underneath? I know many remove the badge, but I paid too...
  5. Pud123

    Is my badge wonky or have I lost the plot?

    Do you think my dual motor badge is wonky, or am I imaging it/ that's how it's meant to be because of the curvature of the boot lid?! When it was in for a service I mentioned it and they said they "tested it with a badge tool". They also said they fixed the boot, which still isn't right. But...
  6. gelden

    Internationale Tol badge - korting EV?

    Ik zag ergens in een andere tread wel een korte vermelding, maar kan er verder niks over vinden: je kunt (oa via ANWB) een internationale tol badge aanschaffen zodat je in Frankrijk/Italie/Spanje gewoon kunt doorrijden bij de tol poortjes en pas achteraf betaalt. Kost wel een vast bedrag per...
  7. Granny’s car

    Eighth VIN digit is B

    I’ve been in contact with Tesla customer in reference to my AWD LR DUAL BATTERY PERFORMANCE M3 having a B as the eighth digit in my VIN instead of the number four, which indicates a performance vehicle. I was assured that my vehicle was a performance vehicle. The numbers 1-4 were used for X...
  8. plasmo

    Dual Motor badges in Chicago area are here

    Not sure if someone already reported, but just got Dual Motor badge installation scheduling email today for the Chicago area to be done this weekend.
  9. austinmichaeld

    model 3 75D..... badge thoughts

    I know this is going to cause a discussion. I understand that tesla is purposely keeping the battery designation out of the name of the model 3 variants, I am new to the tesla brand. That being said, being someone who is a car lover and anxiously awaiting my model 3 long range dual motor, i see...
  10. Haxster

    What's in a Name?

    Happy April Fools' Day!