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break in

  1. O

    Your Tesla could be easily opened

    My Tesla car was broken into last night without breaking any windows. Seems like someone used a custom key or another electronic device because the driver's side door pillar panel(where the key transmitter is located) was severely scratched. The car was parked in front of my garage and the doors...
  2. W

    Can tesla be broken into/ open with a key fob repeater?

    A person in a neighboring area made a post on Nextdoor (with screenshots from their sentry mode) that their tesla was opened while it was charging at a local library overnight. They are claiming a locked Tesla (2021 Model Y in this case) can be opened with a key fob repeater. The post on...
  3. D

    Model 3 becomes a brick/nonfunctional

    Greetings. Wondering if anyone else has had the following problem with their vehicle. On three separate occasions, my M3 has become completely unresponsive. Each time, the car was adequately charged and had recently been used (the first time, it had been driven 30 miles and parked for 2 hours...
  4. FilmTraveler

    Car broken into, no smashing, as if it had been unlocked. What happened? [from 2019]

    Hello all. I am heartbroken that my first post to this great community as a new Model 3 owner is to talk about a breakin. But last night, I came out to a parking lot after a movie and my passenger door was slightly ajar and my valuables (fortunately not much) stolen. She was in Sentry Mode and...
  5. R

    Model 3 Delivery and Break in (Same Day)

    Well, i joined both clubs on the same day, Tesla Owner and Tesla owners whose rear quarter window in broken all happened less than 24 hours of delivery. I am from Socal CA . Anyone with similar experience in this area, please provide any information that would be useful to fix it faster.The next...
  6. C

    My solution for quarter panel break ins

    Like many many Model 3 owners, my car was broken into through the rear quarter panel (and per the glass repair place, it is the "common side"). The glass repair place didn't even have more windows in stock because they are having to replace them all day every day because this has turned into...
  7. S

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Last night we were out for dinner with friends who have a M3 on order and our MS was involved in a smash and grab through the small side window in the rear. It's a favorite way for perps to open the rear seat/s and look to see what's in your cargo area when deciding if it pays for them to spend...