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  1. H

    P85D bricked hard reboot at dealer

    This past Thursday 10-19-23 I went out to get lunch, my P85D started to open and then the lights came on and stayed on and the car was totally locked up. Could not access the car with app or fob. Had it towed to the service center on Friday. Initially they thought it might be the main body...
  2. B

    VCFRONT_a180 Electrical system power reduced

    2022 Model 3 Long Range (less than 4,000 miles) got bricked last week after supercharging. It's currently at the service center, but they've been "diagnosing" for a week now and they can't figure out what's wrong. Here is my perspective leading up to the error, bricking, and eventual tow to...
  3. Bizmarck

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    Hello, I wanted to share my current experience with my 2018 Tesla model 3 performance and the issue I’m dealing with right now. The car has been absolutely perfect for the last 75,000 miles with zero issues needing addressed in that time. We had a large storm here in Michigan yesterday as I was...
  4. A

    Jun 6th 2020 Software Update Bricked my 2014 Model S P85

    Parked my Car in garage plugged in at midnight and woke up Saturday to a non-responsive car. Handles won't present, power cord won't disengage, trunk won't pop. Nothing. At the advise of roadside assistance, I tried taking off the nose cone and jumpstarting with a car battery jumper with no...
  5. D

    Isolation Fault

    P85D 2015. August 20 ? Firmware update scheduled. Temp controlled Garaged Ambient temperature in 70’s. Next morning dash message “ cell low voltage undriveabke call service. “ but charge “49%” then everything black. No app connection either. For several months I have been complaining about low...
  6. K

    A 30 minute (video) technical deep dive of the Roadster

    This is the second video in our series on Gruber Motor Company where they take us on a very educational overview of Roadster design, maintenance, and component level teardown.
  7. T

    TM3 Latest Update bricked my car, any thoughts?

    Hey all, I’m reaching out here to get any advice beyond Tesla’s suggestion to schedule a service appt. Last night I approved a software update, I had 2019.5.4 previously, so I’m guessing I got 2019.5.25 or 5.15. This morning my app couldn’t reach the car, and I jumped into it and the...
  8. MarkS22

    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    This afternoon, I opened my app to check on the Model 3's charge status. I noticed it wasn't updating and hadn't updated since before 7am, about 9 hours earlier. I went out to the car and it was completely "dead." By that I mean unresponsive with no lights or activity. Tesla was originally...