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  1. T

    Suspension upgrades in Los Angeles???

    My Model Y was delivered a week ago and I'm thinking about lifting it with MPP 1.75" kit. I can't seem to find a shop in the Valley/Burbank area. Does anyone know/can recommend a shop in LA that's familiar with Model Y? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  2. grapesmc

    First service experience - 2020 Model S Performance

    Hey gang After finding spots of oil a number of times on my garage floor under the front driver's side wheel, I made an appointment to have my Model S examined. I had suspected the front motor driveshaft was potentially the culprit after reading another member's similar experience. I filled out...
  3. P

    21" Silver Arachnid Package Model S Brand New (SoCal/LA/ship)

    You know the drill - 21" silver arachnid referral award wheel tire package. Currently being assembled and scheduled to pick up at the Burbank service center this Friday. Great if you can pick it up there at the SC or we can arrange a time/place to meet (Pasadena, Playa Vista preferred)...
  4. G

    Has anyone had their Model 3 damaged at Burbank Service Center? What happened?

    I recently took my M3 for service at the Burbank SC, and when I picked it up, it had damage (curb rash) on the passenger rear rim, and a scratches on the rear bumper. Now the bumper on my 1900 mile Model 3 has to be repainted. Very frustrating, but has anyone had to deal with something similar...
  5. Reekdog

    Burbank Charging etiquette

    This just an observation, I'm sitting at the Burbank Supercharger, in the wife's MX charging up for the weekend. It's approximately 8:10pm and I'm pulling down the sun visor because the 4 cars (X & S's) parked in front of us all have their headlights on lighting up our and two cars on either...
  6. jerjozwik

    burbank airport log term lot being used for staging model x?

    hey everyone. tesla seems to be using a large surface lot next to burbank airport for new model x vehicles. there are a large number of x on the lot. more than i would think would come from a single truck. just found it very odd.