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  1. T

    Loud buzzing noise coming from under passenger side while Model 3 sitting still in drive (but not while in park)?

    While sitting in drive, there is a loud buzzing noise coming from under the front passenger side. The sound goes away when I put the car in park. Is this normal? I know there are cooling fans but this sounds very loud, almost like a grinding sound. Here is a link to a video of this sound...
  2. R

    Buzzing sound from dashboard, behind monitor

    Received our MY LR at the end of March, first time here. Started noticing a strange buzzing noise coming from the dashboard, behind the monitor. Took the car to the SC and they said it was a normal sound, but now it is getting louder and is no longer drowned out by road noise, or music at an...
  3. A

    Strange Buzzing/Whirring noise coming from car when off-road

    Hi Guys, So for some context, my car is the AWD Long Range Model 3. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I'm on holiday in Scotland and the drive/path to the cottage is littered with massive potholes so I try to be cheeky and drive half on the grass, half on the road, just to...
  4. Mach Y

    Charging buzzing noise & stuck @ 6 hrs left

    This has happened to me a few times, mostly recently early this morning -- Since I don't drive the car much I just use the 110v charger for normal charging. After running errands for the day the car usually has anywhere from a few to 10-20 hours of charging remaining when I plug it in. This...
  5. L

    New loud buzzing sound while A/C turns off

    Have had my M3 since September, so know its sounds well. When got back from vacation July 5 noted a new noise after I get out of the car, mirrors fold, car beeps, a new whirring sound starts up, quite loudly (I've been told it is the A/C compressor), and as it slows down to a stop, it gradually...
  6. djroberts

    Model 3 buzzing after parked

    It was parked in the sun for a couple of hours. During that time the normal hum (battery cooling?) ran the entire time. The car listed 97 degress when checked via the app. I spot cleaned the windshield and left it. Then I pulled in the car and the wipers kept going then made the following noise.
  7. Padelford

    Rear door inner panel buzzing

    I’ve noticed lately that the black plastic panel on the inside of the rear hatch below the window is prone to buzzing on in-smooth pavement, like older freeways with exposed aggregate. I usually have the two rearmost seats folded down, which would make the noise more apparent. If I tap my...