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  1. A

    Sold 22M3 Perfomance 2022 to VROOM it went offline immediately

    I just had VROOM truck pick up my 2022 M3P with 2k miles for a healthy profit. Before I had time to remove the vehicle from my account, when I check on the App last location is my home like an hour ago. Did the truck driver disable some feature I am unaware of like the 12V battery? I did not...
  2. cucubits

    2016 Model S - trade in choices

    The time has come to move on. I'm sure some of the regulars from here will be happy to see me go for my openly voiced, mostly negative, opinions on many aspects related to Tesla. Glad I can make your day a little brighter :) In all seriousness I don't dislike everything about these cars, I am...
  3. ishareit

    How to get vehicle build/configuration sheet with VIN on it

    I am trying to sell my model 3 to carvana and they need the motor vehicle purchase agreement that has vin on it. My online account only shows the version with reservation number without the vin. How do I get the build sheet with VIN? thanks.
  4. M

    Using Carvana to Trade-In, thoughts?

    This may not be the best place to post this, but here I go. Given my appraisal from Tesla for my trade in dropped 25% between March and June, I'm looking at alternatives. I could sell private, but that's time consuming. I've done a few online offers and by far, Carvana has come back with a more...
  5. Az_Rael

    Buy a Used Model S out of a vending machine...

    This may be old news, but I saw an ad on TV for Carvana's new vending machine service, which sounds totally crazy. But they do sell Model S's so, you could feasibly buy a Tesla from a vending machine. Wonder if that is a better process than the current CPO program, LOL...