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  1. G

    How to replace driver’s side mirror chrome trim

    I just picked up a 2017 Mode S 75 which has a damaged piece of chrome trim on the driver’s side mirror. Tesla wants nearly $700 to replace the entire mirror but I found the trim piece on eBay for $40. Can someone please help me figure out if this is an easy repair? I’ve attached pictures of the...
  2. Y

    MY Chrome of zwarte deurlijsten?

    Naar mijn idee is Tesla sinds de facelift van de M3 gestopt om chromen deurlijsten en handgrepen te leveren en volledig overgestapt naar zwarte lijsten. MY's die in Nederland al rondrijden zijn voorzien van zwarte lijsten. Echter, het valt me op dat op foto's van de havens waar auto's worden...
  3. MichaelP90DL

    Can anyone identify this brand of wheels?

    I saw these on a Model X in Orange County recently. Does anyone recognize that logo in the center? Thanks in advance.
  4. Spacep0d

    Model 3 Chrome Delete?

    Greetings Tesla fans and owners! When you ordered your Model 3, were you given an option to not have chrome but replace that with body-color matching hardware, namely for the door handles? I want to order a Model 3 Long Range in white (soon), but I prefer body-colored handles. Will this be an...
  5. M

    WTB: Model S side mirror/chrome

    I'm looking to buy the side mirror chrome pieces for the 2015 generation Model S. It will be for a 85D. I'm not sure what variants there are, but the car also has the premium interior package. Three pieces in total, per side. I'll consider....consider....any cosmetic condition. I apologize if I...
  6. MiamiEV

    Model X Chrome Delete black or body color?

    OK, I am about to have my chrome deleted but I look at other photos on this forum and see black door handles. I am leaning toward having the handles painted to match the body vs. black. I was wondering what everyone else thought about this. Side note, I was rear-ended so the car is having some...
  7. E

    Color Match Wrap Thread (Door Handles, etc..)

    Hey all, About to take delivery of my Red Model 3 tomorrow. Definitely considering doing a color match wrap on the door handles. Maybe even some accents inside? I know many are just doing full "black-out" or "chrome removal", including the door handle..... but as seen in the Model 3...
  8. benjiejr

    Bloodbath Chrome Wrap

    If you’re curious and want to see some of the behind the scenes footage of wrapping the Tesla in Bloodbath Chrome...
  9. incrediwoah

    Looking to wrap chrome to black! How much did it cost you?

    Hey all! I am curious about how much you paid if you blacked out all of the chrome and/or tinted windows on the Model S! Would love to see some photos as well and who you used! I am based in Santa Monica, but would be interested in other areas pricing/recommendation likewise! Looking forward to...
  10. S

    Saw a Very Unique Looking Model S

  11. MTBHXC

    (4)21x8.5 Turbine Wheels Custom Powder-coated (any color) or Chromed

    Selling a set of 21x8.5" Turbine OEM Tesla Model S wheels, TPMS sensors, and center caps. These have been professionally media blasted, resurfaced, and primed. Wheels can be powder-coated any color of your choosing then sealed with a multilayer clear coat in gloss or matte finish. Also offer...
  12. T

    Unofficial Tesla Model S Chrome Extension New and Improved

    Today I have released an updated version of my Chrome Extension that allows you all the functionality of the phone application in an easy to use chrome extension. The images are all handcoded by me, so they are a little rough around the edges. If you know svg, feel free to help clean them up and...
  13. T

    I Created a Tesla Model S Chrome Extension and Need Your Help

    Tesla Motors has asked me to say that Tesla Model S vehicle owners should not use this software. First, here is a link to the working extension in the chrome store and the source is on github. I spent the last few weeks working on this extension in my free time. I sometimes was at the...
  14. Brett

    19" Wheels Chromed (Pics)

    I got my wheels chromed yesterday at Tires Buy Mark. I called them and they had new 19" factory Tesla wheels which they chromed for me, and then they took my wheels in exchange. My original tires and TPMs went to the chromed wheels. Here's the results. I watched the car like a hawk to make...
  15. NotMandatory

    Removing/Installing the Rear License Plate

    I thought I would post this since I hadn't seen anything covering it for others. When our MS 85 arrived (mid-May 2013), we didn't have plates yet (since we ordered new custom plates). As a result, we had the nifty "TESLA" placard mounted in the rear plasti/chrome Tesla license plate cover. So...
  16. M

    A Smidgen Less Chrome

    Hello! During my prolonged suffering over what color to choose for my Model S, I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and videos of the car in various colors. For a couple of the colors, I knew something was bothering me a bit, and I finally put my finger on it. I thought I'd share...
  17. smorgasbord

    Too much chrome

    I have to admit, I'm not a fan of how much chrome is on Model S. Here's a pix from Design Studio: I particularly don't like the big chrome window surround, especially since the pillar between the front and doors is already "black chrome." A little bit of Photoshop and I get...
  18. PV4EV

    that chrome strip under the doors

    I'm seriously looking forward to seeing a Model S in the flesh, but based on photos there's a few design quirks that I'm unsure about. Perhaps others on this forum can offer their opinions :- Firstly, whenever I see a photo of the Model S side on, my eye catches upon the strip of something...