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  1. Ostrichsak

    Looking For Those w/18" Wheels on MY LR (Wheel Weights/Caliper Clearance)

    I'm curious about some first hand input from those who have "downgraded" their wheels on their MY to 18" wheels from the larger factory offerings. Specifically the clearance of inner barrel wheel weights to the front caliper. I think I've seen reports that the 18" may or may not be compatible on...
  2. L

    Steep Driveway - Help Please

    Looking for help and input from fellow owners and enthusiasts. Have a steep driveway into garage and every entry scrapes the bottom of our model 3. Lately we've added 2 Vestil speed bumps and 2 Pyle ramps but still with no success. We've played back and forth with positioning and tried this over...
  3. N

    Model Y comparable to Model 3 (Driving experience)

    Today I drove both model Y and model 3 to check the driving experience. Model 3 feels towards the ground and steering is amazing and turns are very clean and I could really feel the car in ground. On the other hand, model Y doesn't seem to be that much towards the ground, but comfort was the...
  4. T

    Question about aftermarket Volks wheels

    Hi all, Quick question: will 18" Volks CE28 wheels by Rays Engineering clear the calipers on a Model 3 Performance? I have a set of these wheels from my last car (Subaru STi), and I'll be getting a M3P in January! I would REALLY love to use these wheels (as winters) since they are super light...
  5. T

    Increase ground clearance in Model 3?

    I just bought a model 3 and upon bringing it home I found it is scraping my driveway slightly on entry. I have tried driving at an angle, and that works fine when I am the only one in the car, but when there are other people there the weight is enough to scrape even with angle driving. I was...
  6. Carl

    Raising the suspension of a Model S (on coils, not SAS)?

    My MS, on coils, is scraping garage exits weekly or so. I told myself it was a temporary problem as I would get an M3 instead, but now I see the M3 has only 0.5 cm more ground clearance (14 cm vs. 13.5 cm) - it does have a 10 cm smaller wheelbase, but I still doubt that would do the trick. So am...