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  1. Y

    Model Y (2021/2022 LR) faint fluttering noise/sound from rear interior when going over bumps

    Aside from the many threads of the more obvious/load creaks and rattles, is anyone else getting annoyed at the strange faint rattling that sounds like a brief fluttering every time you go over moderate-to-severe cracks/bumps in the road?
  2. C

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Hello all - I'm new to the forum but I have searched in advance for this issue. I took delivery on a 2022 Model X a few months ago. There was a host of issues that we wanted to get resolved but one is particularly annoying for a ~145k car. The inside of my car has a tremendous amount of...
  3. J

    Creaking sound from front suspension, second replacement

    My early 2020 M3 Sr+ has 90,000 Kms (56000 Miles) on it. In January I had some really bad creaking noise while turning and going over bumps. During that time the car was still under warranty. Right before the end of the warranty at 80,000kms, both front control arms were replaced under warranty...
  4. ev_go123

    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    tl;dr Sharing for people with the same issue: M3 driver's seat squeak is due to misaligned/rubbing seat rails. Proper fix is properly align the rails, less ideal/maybe temporary fix is add grease. I've had an annoying creaking noise in the driver side seat that seems to come and go in my 2022...
  5. J

    Rattle squeak creak from b pillar sheet metal or camera housing

    This has only gotten worse in the one month of ownership. Almost undrivable. Service appointment didn't address it the first appointment. Any ideas? I can recreate the sound by pressing from the outside of the car on the lower b pillar.
  6. jobiggs24

    Creaking from Driver's Side Front Wheel Well

    There's a creaking sound when I push down on the front of the car or when driving at slow speeds or turning the steering wheel. Service center said lower control arms would fix it but it didn't. Hoping someone here can help me out. Hesitant to go back to service center because I have Openpilot...
  7. M

    I Want To Hire Someone to De-Noise my Model S Interior

    Although I love 99% of everything about my new 2019 Model S Raven, the ever-increasing buzzes, rattles and creaks within the interior of the car are crazy-making -- especially for a car of this price. And since Tesla has somehow deemed that it's not their responsibility to fix these issues...

    Suspension Creak

    I've searched around, and I see a number of treads about rattling suspension, but I can't seem to locate anything similar to my issue. From the audio I have heard thus far, it seems like my issue might be different. I have a Dec 2017 75D with air suspension. Since November, I have been...
  9. G

    Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    Is anyone else having/had this problem. I've had my X since the end of April. There are just over 4,000 miles on the car. Over the past few weeks whenever you drive the car slowly such as backing out of the garage or parking spot and turn the wheel hard to the car makes loud...