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data collection

  1. N

    Accelerometer Data of Crash test

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to do a project for academic research and I would need the data (time series) of the accelerometer (either position/velocity/acceleration) of the crash test. There's a report called Frontal Barrier Impact Test delivered to the National Highay Traffic Safety...
  2. B

    2018 Model 3: CAN bus IDs

    I recently got a EVTV ESP32 CANDue board, and have been looking into analyzing data coming from the car (a Model 3 Performance). However, after running SavvyCAN (Home) and letting it run for a few minutes while I do various things like go forward, reverse, turn the lights on and off etc., none...
  3. mrfra62

    Data collectie / verzamelen - wel of geen feedback

    op dit moment ondervindt ik wat problemen waarover ik met het sc in contact staat. Ik moet over een bepaalde periode data vastleggen van momenten waarop het issue zich weet voordoet. De instructie was dat ik dan 10 seconden de knop onder het rechter scroll wieltje moet indrukken. Als je sc dat...
  4. boaterva

    Powerwall Monitoring Details with the Tesla App

    I couldn't find anything and asked this question buried in a thread, and thought I'd break it out here to make it easier to find. This is how you get set up for detailed historical monitoring with Powerwalls, maybe only when added to Solar. People that have Tesla Solar are used to having...
  5. A

    Harvard / MIT machine learning research

    New to the forum - wanted to reach out to Tesla owners that might be interested in participating in research that I'm working on with a group of students at MIT and Harvard. We're working with Thomas Poggio and Vikash Mansinghka on a project to apply Machine Learning / AI techniques to novel...
  6. A

    Any idea data from the M3?

    evtripplanner.com used a ton of data from MS's and MX's, along with wheel data, drive style, weights and real world conditions. Has anyone used that and how does it work? Is it a 3rd party app on the car or can you pull and upload that data from The infotainment sys? Reason I ask is it's...
  7. J

    Disabling Data Collection

    Hi I'd like to disable data collection/telemetry on a MX I'm about to buy. I am happy with the drop in utility I will get from the car as a tradeoff (such as no app, no advance warning etc). How could that be done? I appreciate that this is a controversial topic - I've seen this asked in...
  8. B

    When should Tesla release its Autopilot data logs?

    What do you think?
  9. Boourns

    Post your data logger stats!

    I created this thread to post and discuss our monthly driving stats. I brought this up in the TeslaFi thread, but all data loggers are welcome! I'll start with my August 2016: Driving stats Drives: 120 Miles driven: 1324.7 Time spent driving (hr:min): 46:49 (Wow, I spent 2 days driving)...
  10. M

    Tesla Model X with CAN adapter cable and OBDII Dongle. Warranty Problems?

    Hi all, I am planning to use a CAN adapter cable in order to connect an OBDII dongle. Do you think that I will get any warranty problems with Tesla? The car is a leased Model X. Here is the link to the Adapter: Tesla Model S, Model X, Roadster OBD2/CAN adapter cable Thanks for considering my...
  11. W

    Tesla location data--and ethics and law around it's being shared

    Would love to hear folks' opinions on the following: Our daughter mentioned to us that a dark blue Tesla slammed into her car door in San Francisco a few days back and then sped away as she got out to check the damage. She has precise time, date, GPS (37.741747, -122.422665), description of car...
  12. C

    Tesla's hidden treasure

    With a large fleet of autopilot/self driving cars on the road, Tesla may just created its most valuable resource yet-- road, traffic, driving data. If properly strategized and planned, this can be the most powerful weapon for Tesla to maintain its competitiveness. A good self driving...
  13. B

    Supercharging Data

    So...mostly out of curiosity laced boredom I've been compiling charging data from recent supercharging events. So far I have a couple hundred data points over 15-20 charging events. While not helpful for anything specific, (and they're somewhat predictable based on findings from others), the...