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  1. OEDRO

    Vendor A Comprehensive view | OEDRO Floor Mats | Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y Experience with OEDRO Floor Mats Enhance your driving experience and protect your Tesla Model Y with OEDRO Floor Mats. Crafted for a precise fit on 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y models, these floor mats are more than just accessories; they are a perfect blend of style and functionality...
  2. S

    2019 M3 LR RWD at 60k mi for $25k. Good deal?

    Note this is in Canada so the price of a 2023 RWD with the incentive added is still at the cheapest about $35k USD + taxes. Is this worth it at $25k?
  3. A

    Purchasing this model S - good deal?

    Hello everyone! First post here and hopefully will participate more! I found a vehicle for sale for about 29k a guy is selling. It was sold through auction and I got in touch with him before he was able to ship it to his dealership so I got a nice discount if I buy before he ships it back...
  4. A

    Model X price paid and deals

    With recent price cuts, inventory discounts and QE promos, it would be nice to build a community resource to help new buyers' find a deal! Please post DATE: MSRP: Config: Inventory or new: Price paid: Promos. Thanks everyone in advance!
  5. B

    Carvana trial: Should I keep or not

    Hi folks! I am on day 7 of 7-day trial for 2016 Model X that I really like but it is showing error messages that I cannot be reset by 12v battery & hv loop disconnection method. Errors are BMS_u008 and BMS_w172 (acceleration and top speed reduced; vehicle may not start). The vehicle itself I...
  6. N

    Help me rate my deal 2016 Model S 90D

    Looking to purchase a (November 2016) Model S 90D. Here are the specs: Miles: 80,000 Price: $34,000 (out the door) Air suspension Premium upgrades package Panoramic sunroof MCU 2 FSD included package About 2 years battery and DU warranty What do we think of the deal? Is it good or priced just...
  7. L

    White on Black 2022 model X refresh 7 seater for sale in FL

    Picked up 2 months ago a refresh model X, white exterior, black interior, 7 seat configuration. Perfect condition 2k miles PM me if your interested.
  8. M

    2021 Model 3 Performance with FSD / Black with Black / 3k Miles / No Virginia

    We are having another baby so I need to sell my Tesla Model 3 PERFORMANCE (Black on Black) which I just got in March. The car has 3,123 miles on it and is in PERFECT condition. It does have Expel Full Frontal PPF and Virginia legal limit tints on the four side windows. It also comes with FULL...
  9. SanDiegoM3

    How good is my Model 3 deal?

    The December 2018 car has about 1,100 miles on it and the advisor says it was for marketing so I assume show room or test drive vehicle, MAYBE a reporter type car. Specs: Long Range AWD 19" wheels FSD Pearl White Black Interior (no extra cost) $5,830 price adjustment off a price that...
  10. P

    Inventory X75D - $85k

    I'm transferring my deposit to another inventory car and am about to release a great X75D for $85k (and still eligible for the $75k tax credit). Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll connect you to my OA. It will probably go within minutes of being released. It has an $18k adjustment on...
  11. P

    Awesome 90D Deal if you live in Hawaii

    This deal just became available: Midnight Silver X90D Ultra white premium seats Carbon fiber upgrade PUP EAP Premium sound Charging upgrade Tow package Sticker price is $118,500 - $21,897 adjustment making it $96,603 before tax credit and referral discount. It's in Hawaii - so it's an awesome...
  12. T

    Model S 60: Made a document to help me decide (could help you too)

    I am new to the forum but have been trying to read up as much as possible in the last 1-2 weeks (when I have time) to help me decide on my purchase decision (pulled trigger tonight and am in my 7 day grace period now). I decided to put all my thoughts onto paper (literally ppt slides), and I...