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  1. Vustadumas

    Anyone with late '21 early '22 get your spoiler yet?

    Heya! So I'm pushing 6 months now since delivery, and every few weeks, I'm told the same thing about my spoiler. Parts aren't in stock yet. I'm seeing a lot of newly minted MYP's on the road, and they have the spoiler again, so the production is rolling. I'm a bit put off that they keep...
  2. X

    Door sill gaskets and logo un-adhering on 2020 my

    I opened my door in my garage today and heard the foot sill Model Y logo fall off. I looked at the gasket on the bottom of the door and noticed it was sagging down. I checked the other 4 doors and they are also sagging down. The passenger side Model Y logo is also barely holding on. This...
  3. M

    Logo Decals

    What’s the best colour logo decal for Model 3 (chrome deleted) in Midnight Silver?
  4. MichaelP90DL

    The "Raven" Model S: Cool sticker.

    Found this on Amazon. Musk named the Raven Performance S and X for the X-Men character Mystique, aka Raven Darkholme. Comes in various sizes. :) The second image I shot at a local car club gathering today. My idea of funny.
  5. B

    How to stick old HOV stickers on the new bumper

    My Model 3 bumper had to be replaced and I had to apply for replacement CA HOV stickers, which could take as long as 3 months. I did not use any protection films when I applied the original stickers on the bumper, so when I peeled them off, I only got the top layer film of the sticker which has...
  6. J

    Any recommendations on shops to removal old CA decal stickers on Model S?

    Hello, Anyone have any recommendations on local shops in the LA/OC area for removal of CA HOV stickers from Model S? I have watch the youtube videos and have purchases all the supplies, I am nervous about scratching the paint while doing the process. Additionally, I qualified for the Red...
  7. Z

    Model 3 Rear "TESLA" Decal

    This was a fun little project I did, thought it filled in the empty space of the rear much better than just the T logo. Took only about 15 minutes and it made me even think about declining the dual motor badge!
  8. A

    SoCal HOV on the 10 and 110 free as of March'14

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned or noticed, however despite having White or Green Decals, those using the HOV lanes on the 10 and 110 in SoCal still had to pay Fastrak fees due to these new HOV lanes being exempted to 'evaluate traffic'. According to Assembly Bill 2405, the exemption...