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design studio

  1. chrisgrogan2

    MX Long Range Plus coming to Europe? Design Studio?

    I was wondering when MX long Range plus might make its way to Europe or even into the design studio. I was looking on Telsascout.com and it looked like they were reporting MTX05 (long range plus) models showing up in inventories. I wonder when Tesla will update the Design studio with name...
  2. R

    Expected features missing on new Model X! Included premium package not included!

    Has anyone noticed features missing from what was ordered? I was so happy to finally receive my MX that I never even thought to check that it might not include the features I ordered but after making sure I looked over and reported the fit and finish issues which were minor, I realized I had no...
  3. elmos_world

    Impossible Design Studio

    Order a Model S Discontinued exterior color + discontinued wheels + Multipattern Black with Carbon Fiber decór with Light Headliner = the most impossible Model S in the latest Design Studio. Unless I manage to put Arachnid Wheels and Red Calipers on non performance, and figure out how to bring...
  4. Finder

    MX Design Studio Changes - Interior

    Did anyone else notice the Model X Design Studio was just changed again? You cannot select seat color and trim independently anymore and the Obeche Wood option is entirely gone from all color options. Seems like they are streamlining things so you can only have a few pre-set leather/trim...
  5. MrBoylan

    Tesla Production Model X Design Studio Walkthrough Video

    Hey, folks, Since I'm hoping not to have access to the Model X Design Studio for too much longer, I decided to do a design studio walkthrough video, showing pricing and all the options. It's a long video (40 minutes!) as I go into some detail about the various options and provide some...