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  1. P

    Is it possible to drift a Tesla Model 3 on a track better than a 350z?

    Just wondering to see what you guys will vote on.
  2. H

    How complicated would it be to build something similar to MPP Partybox?

    Hey everyone, 2020 Model 3 SR+ owner here. Some background on me, I am a software engineer with a decent amount of experience working with microcontrollers. I've been trying to research how the MPP Partybox system actually works, or how it's even installed to get some clues for where to start...
  3. selfbp

    How to turn off Traction Control on a Model S

    Disclaimer: Instructions only. If you do this and mess something up, I am not responsible. If you hurt someone because you were irresponsible, I am not responsible. If you don't understand how your vehicle acts when these systems are off, I am not responsible. Use your brain when doing this...
  4. E

    Model 3 AWD Doughnuts! Non Performance!

    Hey guys I just did the "impossible". I did full spinning doughnuts in my Tesla Model 3 AWD that is NON PERFORMANCE! check it out :)
  5. mnx

    Fuse Box 1 access

    I'm looking for instructions on how to access Fuse Box 1 on a pre facelift Model S (2013 P85 FWIW) It's buried in the frunk and I'm not sure what to remove or how to remove it to get access. Specifically I'm looking to remove the fuse for the yaw sensor (F12) so I can disable stability...
  6. T

    Model X offroad capability

    Do you also think that the Model X is ideal for the field? :cool:
  7. B

    Pretty cool look behind the scenes from the photographer who shoots for Tesla!

    Saw this pop up on the TeslaEverything facebook page, very cool blog by the guy who shot the promo pictures for Tesla! Amazing work! Definitely worth a read! :cool: A bit off topic but he also shoots some amazing photos for FormulaD if anyone here is into drifting :biggrin...