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  1. fasteddie7

    What a crazy night! First highland, then model S and X drop to the cheapest I’ve seen yet with free paint colors!

    Crazy night. Highland dropped, then model S and X drop to crazy low prices with free paint colors and the X now qualifies for the tax credit!
  2. T

    glove box dropping, not slow opening

    I just realized, that probably since my HW3 upgrade (I don't even know how long ago), I think the glove box in my 2019 3LRD has just been dropping like a glove box in a 1978 GM car instead of slow opening like I'm pretty sure it used to do. Anyone know how I could resolve that myself? I'm not...
  3. D

    is this normal

    Hi I have had my model 3 for the last two months, and noticed when I charge I dont get as much charged. for example when I charge to 90 percent I get only 209 mi, I believe b4 I used to get 216. I have the standard range plus . What should I do? is there a way to reset the calibration, should I...
  4. M

    Good rated range, bad rated range, let's share: Public Shared Editable Spreadsheet

    I decided to create a google doc excel type page that everybody can edit even without a google account. Would you all care to share your information? I put mine in: 32500 miles with 243 rated range at 100% You have the choice to put it in miles or km. You guessed right, I am a Canadian :smile...