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  1. N

    Help with Hit and Run - Sentry Mode Questions

    I caught some helpful footage of a hit and run to my parked Model 3. Unfortunately, the vehicle had no front plate and the rear plate (possibly a temp tag) was not clearly visible from the front camera as it pulled away. Any suggestions or is there anyone with the ability to enhance the video...
  2. F

    On Demand Performance Mode

    My understanding is that the LR RWD has the same performance motor as the D+. I would love to be able to choose to "enable" performance mode for a set amount of time, maybe by the hour \ day \ week \ month \ etc. I don't want or need the performance capability all the time but maybe I have a...
  3. pmich80

    Configuration Change

    I've read in the FAQ on Tesla's website that I should be able to make amendments to my configuration online (within 3 days) but i do not see the option. I configured my car last night (March 27th) but the EAP, although being something i really want, is extremely pricey. I don't think it's...
  4. vandacca

    "Doors Control" pop-up window request

    I have a new feature request... When the Model-X switches from Drive/Neutral/Reverse to Park via the "Park" button on the end of the drive-selector stalk, there is a handy little "Doors Control" pop-up window that allows one quick access to all the doors control. Once you dismiss this pop-up...