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  1. H

    Command to start Summon before exiting vehicle no longer works for non-HW3 cars?

    I have 2019 M3 FSD Firmware 2019.40.2.1 1. Summon Continuous Press is disabled 2. Close all doors and trunks. 3. double press the Park button on the gear stalk. And...nothing What do I miss ??
  2. D

    Leave the car from passenger door, car remains open

    I am on firmware 2019.4.3 but it has been happening for some time now: If, for some reasons, I park my car and I leave the car from the passenger door, the car remains open. No matter if you close it by using the fob, or if you open/close it using the app, the car remains open (the handles are...
  3. MartyL

    Easy Exit

    Is it possible to set things up so that Easy Entry happens for one of our two fobs on exit?
  4. Zextraterrestrial

    Get out too fast - car stays on!

    OK I finally learned why I have found my car listening to music without me. Or why my car left the parking lights shining all night one evening. Rain. If you get out of the drivers seat and close the front door relatively quick, say a bit <1second, the car stays on. Well when it is dumping rain...