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  1. J

    Model S Expansion Tank Level Sensor

    Hello Tesla lovers. I need to know about a smal lsensor. There is a sensor inside expansion tank which measures coolant level. So i need to know this sensor's code or datasheet information. If you know that and share with me could you let me know, please? Stay with love. Cheers
  2. S

    Tesla expansion in California and tax breaks

    Came upon this article from December 2017 about Tesla's expansion here in California and the possibility of it getting tax breaks on it. Anyone know if they received them? Didn't see any updates. How Tesla’s hunger for tax breaks continues in California
  3. SomeJoe7777

    Corsicana, TX Supercharger Upgrade/Expansion

    Looks like the Corsicana, TX supercharger is getting an upgrade and expansion similar to the Waco, TX supercharger. There were 6 of the old stanchions, looks like this is expanding to 10 of the newer style ones. In the 1st picture you can see 2 of the new stanchions leaning against the...
  4. vrykolas

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I figured this deserved a new thread for an existing supercharger since it is now under construction for expansion (photos attached). I stopped by Monday evening of 14-August, 2017. I was driving back to Dallas from San Marcos, Texas supercharger and noticed the Waco supercharger had a "reduced...
  5. B

    Supercharger - Burbank, CA - North Third Street (LIVE 14 Sep 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    If you look at the tesla supercharger map, they seem to have another one in the works for burbank
  6. Missile Toad

    Expansion Charger stalls. Are they faster than the 'antiques'?

    So, a bunch of SuperCharger sites have brand-new pedestals, complete with charging-cable and new handles. Mostly, these have been in California -- but I see one expansion site in Nevada. Has anyone been able to try charging two cars (in similar SoC) in slots that are both a)...
  7. Tyl

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Plaza (LIVE, 16 V2 stalls, expansion in progress May 2021)

    Location 6701 Amador Plaza Rd Dublin CA 94568. The former Chrysler/Jeep dealership is now vacant. The 100 or so cars that were on the lot two weeks ago are gone. "Soon" Tesla will begin transitioning this location into a Service Center with superchargers on site. We'll have to check the plans to...
  8. M

    Supercharger - Redondo Beach (LIVE 20 Jan 2015, 8 stalls)

    I can't seem to find it listed on the supercharge.info site so excuse me if this is listed somewhere, but I just checked into a Hilton hotel for work at the address: 2410 Marine Avenue Redondo Beach, CA 90278 and it has 8 Supercharging stations all set up.
  9. jackbowers

    Supercharger - Rocklin, CA (Tesla Service Center, 18 stalls)

    It looks like a four-station with solar canopy is going in. The trenching is mostly done, so it could be up and running in mid-to-late January. This will be very convenient driving to Reno/Tahoe.
  10. NoCO

    Supercharger - Culver City, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    I posted last week about possible construction that I suspected might be a new Supercharger at the Fox Hills Mall at Culver City, today during lunch I stopped by and saw some work, the workers confirmed it was a new "Tesla charging site". Here a couple of pictures from today. I didn't have...
  11. A

    Supercharger - Cabazon, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    I drove by today and construction has (barely) started. The area is fenced off and they had done some cuts in the pavement. I spoke to the workers and they said it will have 10 stalls and they are aiming to be complete by nov 24th - I'm guessing this just means their portion not the power co...
  12. ChriZ

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    Looks like our wish came true. It's in the coming soon tab. We can now drive more recklessly to sin city :smile: Supercharger | Tesla Motors
  13. D

    Supercharger - St George, UT

    As per this post Tesla Supercharger network - Page 396 the supercharger in St George Utah has been permitted and will be on North Bluff St by the Starbucks.
  14. A

    Supercharger - Vacaville, CA (expanded in 2017, 16 V2 stalls)

    Does anyone live close to the Vacaville, CA location? Supposedly the address is 101 Nut Tree Rd Vacaville, CA 95687 and is to be placed at the Vacaville Premium Outlets. I just wanted to create a dedicated thread specifically for this confirmed location and see if we could get some status...
  15. 2

    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    I dropped by The Collection in Oxnard today. This is the future location of the supercharger. At the moment, there is not much to see -- just a leveled pad. IMO, the location is ideal. It sits between H&M and Whole Foods. The station faces the 101 Freeway. The red Tesla sign will attract...
  16. TonyWilliams

    Supercharger - Buellton, CA (10 stalls, some revised in May 2018)

    I stopped by the Marriott in Buelton, California to checkout the supercharger progress. All installed !! 8 installed, south parking area near the entrance No transformer (but pad is poured) - - - Updated - - - Pics on Plugshare: Tesla Supercharger Marriott Buellton Tesla Supercharger...
  17. C

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    So I have a story about my recent trip to Las Vegas that i thought the Tesla community would be interested in. I arrived at the Barstow location with 2 MS charing and one waiting. After arriving we determined order and I had lunch with a wonderful couple. Also it was determined that the right...
  18. B

    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA (18 V2 stalls)

    drove by Harris Ranch last week in an ICE, went to get some fuel, moment I got off the off ramp, I regretted it. The cow ranch couple of miles north just stinks so bad. Who the moron at Tesla chose this location ? I didn't even bother pulling into the gas station, nor visit Tesla supercharger...
  19. Owner

    Supercharger - Gilroy, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Cross posted from my blog. Last week I took my first visit to a Tesla supercharger. My battery was about half full. I did not particularly need to visit the charger but decided to give it a try. I stopped, filled it up and had lunch at the nearby sandwich shop. The supercharger is not...