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factory tour

  1. G

    Tour at Fremont Tesla Factory

    Hello TeslaFans, iam a tesla fan from germany and will visit the US (&fremont) in may. unfortunately i dont own a tesla YET but would like to take a tour in the tesla factory there. i know it is possible for someone who owns a tesla to take a friend with him for the tour. so you can guess my...
  2. N

    Genuine TESLA Merchandise

    I went to the Tesla Fremont factory last week for a factory tour whilst on holiday. I can’t say much about the factory because you sign an NDA and they know where I live and where I am at all times….. but if you’re in San Francisco it’s 30 mins from the airport and definitely worth booking a...
  3. T

    Factory Tour at Fremont 11. or 12. of October

    Hi all. We are from Switzerland and beginning of October on a business trip on the East coast. We would like to do a factory tour at Fremont on 11 or 12 of October. I’m a shareholder and planning to order a Model Y but do not own a Tesla currently. Has somebody capacity in that time for two...
  4. F

    Fremont Factory Tour

    Hi I'll be visiting the US this summer and I would love to go on a factory tour in Fremont. Since I'm just a reservation holder and not an owner they won't let me book a tour. If you or anyone you know booked or will book a tour between August 10th and August 14th I and my girlfriend would love...
  5. V

    Factory tour in February - March 2019

    Hello! My dream for a long time have been to visit one of the Tesla factories, and now I finally have an opportunity to come to the US for a little vocation somewhere in February or March of 2018. Will someone go for a Tesla factory tour in those months who can take me as a guest visitor...
  6. D

    Factory tours? VIP?

    Are there different levels of tours? Just pruchased My model 3 and want to tour the facotry how do I go about setting that up and is there really a VIP tour available?
  7. A

    Tesla model 3 test drive

    Dear Tesla drivers, I am planning on visiting the Tesla factory in Fremont on the 19th of March. There will be plenty Model 3 onsite, I hope to get the chance to drive one. My father owns a Model S that I have driven many times but I would like it very much to test the new model as I am...
  8. F

    +1 Factory Tour Spring/Summer 2018

    Hello, I am a German high school graduate who is doing a gap year in Canada right now. I also want to come to California eventually (could go there from April to June) and would love to be able to tour the Tesla factory in Fremont. Obviously, I don't own a Tesla but very interested in and...
  9. N

    Factory Tour: One Year Anniversary Surprise

    My name is Nathalie and I've recently married a Tesla enthusiast. Upon the announcement of the Model 3, my then fiancé, quickly raced to the computer and joined the prized waitlist. My daily life now consists of hearing the latest updates, planning out the expected delivery of the coveted Model...
  10. A

    +1 for factory tour August 9th - 18th?

    Hi, I live in the Bay, my dad is in town and we'd love to go on a tour of the Tesla factory. Is there any owner who's touring the factory in any of those days and wouldn't mind having us two as their guests? It would be the highlight of my dad's trip to the US... Thanks, Ale
  11. Enginerd

    +1 for factory tour 8/22-25?

    I'll be in the Bay Area Tuesday August 22 - Friday the 25th. Is there anyone willing to share their factory tour with an extra passenger or two? Perhaps you're picking up a car around that time? Or maybe you live nearby, and you've been waiting for a better chance to see production Model 3's on...
  12. engle

    Tesla Factory: 3/29/2017 vs. 3/22/2016

    My family toured Tesla Factory on 3/29/2017 with good friends who were picking up their Red Model S 60D (75D unlockable), exactly a year and a week since I toured it 3/22/2016 when I took delivery of my Model X P90D F00041X. You can't take photographs, but I can tell everyone that there is an...
  13. W

    Fremont Factory Tour Request

    Hi Guys, non Tesla owner here heading to SF on 28th & 29th March. Is there anyone willing to share their tour with an extra passenger or two? Cheers
  14. IgorAntarov

    Factory Tour 12-23 oct - a Tesla Owner needed

    Hi, I'm trying to organize a factory tour for a group from Kazakhstan (1 to 15 people). They are visiting California and deaming to see a legendary factory. I'm in contact with Tesla on this topic, they are willing to help but they said they could only schedule factory tours for the registered...
  15. A

    Factory tour aug 22-25

    Hello guys, lovely atmosphere here and it feels so happy as to what one product can do. I am visiting California for the first time from india. My plan initially was to go until the factory and admire it from the outside. This forum looks like a beacon of hope to get me inside. So simply put...
  16. benemac

    American Express & Tesla offer Factory Tour for Sept 13

    I received an email from American Express about offerings they have and had a double-take when I noticed this: Insider Access with Tesla Motors Where:Tesla Motors Fremont Store, 45500 Fremont Blvd, Freemont, CAWhen:9/13 at 8am – 1:15pm or 9/13 at 12pm – 5:15pmPrice:$400On sale:Thu 7/17 at 3pm...
  17. D

    Factory Tour Wiki

    I searched around a bit but couldn't find anything. Does anyone find it helpful to start a wiki about the Tesla Factory Tour in Fremont, CA? I'll be visiting the factory next week and it would be neat to know about the tour prior to our arrival. Wiki Content Tours are generally offered to...