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Genuine TESLA Merchandise


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Aug 16, 2019
North West
I went to the Tesla Fremont factory last week for a factory tour whilst on holiday. I can’t say much about the factory because you sign an NDA and they know where I live and where I am at all times….. but if you’re in San Francisco it’s 30 mins from the airport and definitely worth booking a tour (a few weeks in advance) [email protected].

I bought a couple of extra bits of merchandise figuring it’s hard to come by here and someone might be in need of an early Christmas present. I'm not trying to make a killing but do want to cover my costs (eBay fees). As well as carrying the merch through the airport, it's taken me 20 mins to load it to eBay!

Tesla gave me one of the day 1 reservation model cars. I did reserve a long time ago but not quite day 1. My M3 is blue and unfortunately the 1/43 scale model is red. I did get this for free but hopefully it can find a new home (50% of price goes to charity).

Black/Red Baseball Cap

Insulated Coffee/Travel Mug – Brushed Stainless Finish - Fits M3 nicely.


Model 3 Scale Collectible/Model Car in Red w/ serial number.

As an aside I also stopped into a USA service centre to pickup some wheel locks. £44 came through on the credit card compared to £57 from Tesla UK. They did say you’re supposed to order stuff online and then collect but it worked out OK.