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  1. rbcopod

    Messages with no contacts in 2023.

    In the holiday update the messages app now appears with no direct links at the top for favorites or contacts. One must go to the phone and access the contact there in either favorites or contacts to initiate a text. I think this is a step back in functionality and am hoping that a future update...
  2. A

    Export slacker song favorites or playlists?

    Before Slacker streaming is discontinued at the end of the month, is there any way to export all our favorited songs, so we can transfer them to Spotify or some other streaming service? Especially if there's a way to export the songs most frequently picked for the playlists, that would be fantastic!
  3. Z

    All Parks in Mid-Atlantic by 3LR

    I recently completed visits to all national park units in the Mid-Atlantic region in my Long Range Model 3, including First State in Delaware, 4 in New Jersey, 5 in West Virginia, 13 in Maryland, 16 in Pennsylvania and 17 in Virginia. [Links go to details on my ad-free blog]. I encourage all...
  4. J


    Sometime in the last several days, some kind of glitch has worked itself into my 2020 Tesla S, media center, that broke the "favorites" feature on the recent/favorites bar. I have version 11.0 (2022.20.8) I have SiriusXM and maybe 10 of the channels are saved as favorites along with a few...
  5. ybbor

    Spotify and car "favorites"?

    Has anyone figure out how to add anything from spotify to the cars quick favorites section? I'd never seen or been able to get anything in to that quick list until 2020.44, then my podcasts appeared in the favorites list, but nothing else from Spotify. Also, is there a voice search or...
  6. S

    Useful browser websites while driving

    Does anyone have some useful favorited websites set on their Tesla’s browser? Maybe some good websites to voice command to? “go to “example.com” I have the following as favorites, some I’ve entered my zip code and favorited the resulting page Teslamotorclub.com - Model 3 forum PlugShare.com -...
  7. A

    Sirius XM - Favourites bug

    Found what must be a bug in the Favourites screen on Sirius XM today. Adding a new favourite by tapping on the star icon while listening to a Sirius XM channel overwrote the name of the previously saved favourite channel. It wasn't every time and I couldn't figure out the pattern. Screenshot...
  8. C

    Is the Favorites radio station working well for anyone?

    Curious to hear how the Favorites streaming radio station is working for others. My understanding was that the station works by looking at all the songs you have thumbed up, and building out a playlist that contains those songs as well as others it thinks are related. Within a week or two of...