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  1. Paul Leopardi

    How does Tesla track bugs vs releases?

    This topic has been mentioned before, but I still find it terribly opaque. How does Tesla track bugs? How do they perform software merges? How do they target releases for specific bug fixes? It all serms very mysterious as opposed to my experience with open source software such as gcc. For...
  2. T


    Since there are so many fixes to this particular release, does anyone have a clue what the fixes actually fix? I just got an update 2019.32.12.7 but cannot find anything in details about what is being fixed, but that my main concern - the rear camera, is still a problem.
  3. Cdis94

    Fixing Rock Chips in Glass Roof!

    I want to start this thread letting everyone know that if you try to get your glass roof *Or any panel for that matter* sealed and fixed up it carries the risk of the glass cracking completely and Safelite CAN NOT replace any glass since they can't order it from Tesla to stock up on. Alright so...
  4. B

    DIY Fix for Model S Push-to-Talk Button Issue

    If your Model S's push-to-talk doesn't work, try this DIY fix: My Tesla Is Broken on Twitter It worked for me, but now I have to apologize to other drivers and pedestrians when I want to navigate by voice or play music.
  5. Hengist

    Model X: Issues and Answers

    Suggesting a sticky thread of interesting issues that have been encountered with the Model X. Here's my two: 1. Charge port would not open when I pressed the front of it. There is a small "bumper" in the front corner of the charge port. That is where the switch for the press to open function...