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  1. D

    2021 MY max current on factory installed tow harness

    I have a factory installed tow harness on my 2021 MY that has the lead-acid 12v battery. I recently had a short develop in my RV trailer which proceeded to "let the smoke out" of the Tesla wiring harness. Tesla service center is telling me that the wiring harness was equipped with a 25amp fuse...
  2. A

    Glove box won’t open, actuator and switch fine.

    Does anyone know if there is a specific fuse and/or relay that powers the glove box in the model x (2016)? Mine stopped working the other day. Some tests I did: 1) set a glove box pin to test if dash button is even working. When pressed, pin entry pops up on screen, so button itself seems to be...
  3. H

    IC (Instrument cluster) went black during MCU eMMC swap

    Car Details: P85+ with AP1 - EU version 2014/12 184.000 km Instrument cluster, Gen2 - 1004788-00-D (The one with the heat-sink on the back and NOT the fan) MCU1 Overall: MCU got a eMMC swap. The first two attempts was unsuccesful (Black screen on MCU). Bad image or something like that. The...
  4. S

    Tesla Model 3 mishap

    So long story short, I was on my way back from the mountain and miscalculated a left turn which sent me down a steep slope where my car met a little pole. Airbags blew regardless and my car lost power which I'm assuming is the pyrofuse doing it's thing. The car was insured with liability only...
  5. S

    Need help locating fuse - 2017 refreshed Model S

    We went to take out our dashcam's memory card last night to check on some activity outside our house (car parked in driveway so nice security camera of sorts) and my husband went to power it down first before removing as per directions and he said all the lights on the camera went out and he...
  6. D

    14 volt line in center overhead

    In the center overhead dropdown, I tapped into the extra line taped in there. At some point, I must have shorted the 14volt line because it reads 0v. Anybody know which fuse controls this line? I had gotten a hint that the F100 fuse was for this line, but mine is registering voltage. F124...
  7. essmd

    Help - OBD-II port power failure

    I plugged in an apparently faulty phone charger using the OBD-II port 12 volt power, and now there is no power from that port anymore, despite thorough testing. I presume there is a fuse for this, or possibly a reset to restore. Anybody have a fix??? Tesla Tech support not able to provide...
  8. tornado

    Fuse Box on 2016 S

    Hello, I have a late-2016 Model S (and a 2013 S which is not pertinent to the current question) that I'm trying to tap into a 12v switched feed. There are no diagrams at all for the fuse boxes in the new Tesla. Don't ask me to check the manual as they haven't included the word fuse at all in the...
  9. dhelmly

    Model X Fuse Box numbers?

    Can't seem to find any information for the Fuse Box and fuse numbers. I found the Fuse box and just need to know what the fuses and relays control. Very surprised that the current owners manual does not give any info on Fuses other than a mention about using a trailer.