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height clearance

  1. RacerX

    Model S Trunk Liftgate Head Injury zone after struts replaced

    2017 Model S 90D Loved the power liftgate trunk for a great 6 years. It opened at its tallest about 52 inches (132 cm) from lower trunk gasket to the trunk edge. I call this the head injury/ concussion zone … then it stopped working. Now only opens and closes automatically up to about 41 inches...
  2. Tessy Flyer

    After Market way to increase ground clearance?

    I have a new S90D, my first Tesla, and just Love It! My only complaint is the ground clearance. I seem to hit every concrete wheel stop. I can not avoid parking in areas that have them. If I only pull in to a point prior to the nose going over the wheel stop, the rear end sticks out too far. My...
  3. D

    Model X Dimension in Hong Kong --- what do you think?

    I believe hong kong is the world's most densely populated Tesla. I think the report says Tesla have somewhat sold over 1600 units of Model S. With the Model X coming up and being a 7 seater, it will for sure sell like hot cakes .... but how practical is it in reality when the Falcon doors open...