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  1. R

    Model S Air Suspension Question

    I am new to Tesla and have a used 2020 Model S and have been looking at the suspension screen. I noticed that it seems to indicate that the left rear is reading 2 inches higher than the right rear. See photos. The car seems to drive and park flat. When parked, the front seems higher than the...
  2. Gvardaman

    M3 Dimensions for garage layout?

    Hello, I am waiting on a model 3 (due in 1-3 weeks) and want to rearrange the garage to be able to park a car in it once more. So, I was looking for dimensions so that I can make sure I leave space for the car, doors opening, etc. I will be moving some toolboxes and work tables over and there is...
  3. S

    Raising model 3 performance to model 3 AWD height?

    I'm loving my new 3p, except it's too low. I was visiting a park and heard a sickening thump as I went over a speed bump at 2 mph or so. Seems like the extra 10-15 mm would really help clearing curbs when parking, handling speed bumps, and handling steep up/down for driveways and the like...
  4. M

    Model 3 Dimensions

    Several dimensions appeared in the papers. Finally, what are the exact dimensions of Model 3 : - Length - Height - Width mirrors extended : 1933 mm or 2088 mm ? - Width mirrors folded : 1849 mm or 1933 mm ?
  5. B

    Trunk height in garage

    My trunk does not open enough in my garage. I try manual moving and getting the beep to set a new height. Next time it will still open only partially. I also look on the 17 inch screen to see an option to open higher, no option is on the screen. Has anyone had any luck getting the trunk to open...
  6. cstromme

    Suspension height at each level?

    Is there a listing of the exact height for each level anywhere? (And if anyone has a comparison with the S85 with air suspension that would be very much appreciated.)