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  1. S

    Charging Station Questionnaire

    Hi Everyone! I am working on a small personal project on growing charge station use. I have created this Google Form and was hoping you would consider taking it. https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSdNQNWmZ04.../viewform... Thank you in advance!
  2. Mr-T

    Ohio Infrastructure Tax

    Here in the State of Ohio, the state legislature has passed a mandatory tax increase to pay for infrastructure repairs and improvements. This tax began Jul 1, 2019; The tax on gasoline is 10 cents per gallon, added at the pump. But for PEVs and EVs, the tax goes to $100/yr for PEVs and...
  3. Drucifer

    1000 Supercharger Locations

    Today is the first day I noticed that the total of active, under construction, and permitted sites exceeds 1000. We crossed 500 in October 2015, I believe, 22 months ago. Any guesses on the location and date that becomes #1000?
  4. A

    Jetson Age - Transportation Infrastructure of the Future

    Creating buzz in the digiverse or an announcement, as it were, by Elon Musk that local officials have given a verbal nod to a Northeast corridor hyperloop. And if you're not up to speed on supersonic verbiage let me break it down for us everyday high speed commuters. If your day begins at least...
  5. J

    Supercharging Infrastructure Interaction with Power Grid

    Supercharging stations essentially behave as a huge electric load in the power delivery system. In peak time (all charging ports are occupied) it can reach ~1 MW (135kW * 8) power demand in the system. From the electric utilities' operation and planning point of view, I'm wondering if Tesla...
  6. TheTalkingMule

    Energy and Gaming

    What about a gaming interface for middle school kids to coordinate and optimize their local and regional energy infrastructure? Due to the public utility structure, the vast majority of data inputs are openly available. Utilities could be forced into facilitating direct link supply/demand data...
  7. AssortedBread

    Tesla Infrastructure Documentation Thread (Pictures)

    Tesla is expanding at an unbelievable pace and building some amazingly futuristic infrastructure, post pictures of said infrastructure here. This would allow for a glimpse into what can be expected in the future.
  8. FlasherZ

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    I have posted a FAQ that I intend to maintain in the Charging Standards and Infrastructure Section with the commonly asked questions about home electrical infrastructure for charging your Tesla EV (including the Model S). It is located here. I hope this post -- and that one -- will be made...
  9. B

    Pike Research - The Future of EV Charging Networks

    Just FYI. I have enjoyed seeing the Pike Research discussions of EV's and related topics. Nice objective reviews without all the ... Their studies cost a lot, but its nice that they have a few free discussions like this. This is a free webinar on the current state of EV charging and a...