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internet radio

  1. Fab-fours

    Tune-in Radio Lost Internet Radio Stations & Radio.Net instead.

    I've spent much time blaming my new /replacement Daughter Board on the loss of my favourite internet radio stations. I discovered that the original ‘Tune-in’ US audio streaming service, this autumn deleted the bulk of its free streaming services Thereby favourites being grey-out. This was to...
  2. E

    Overflowing waste bins

    Source (Toronto is really frustrated with overflowing garbage bins) Look familiar? Overflowing garbage cans are inconvenient for citizens to use and look at, an annoyance for city workers, and increase the amount of litter we experience. Im working on a project to solve this issue, and would...
  3. S

    Parenting Rant, Yay! Streaming Music

    So with the media player with regards to USB playback stagnated and actually getting worse in some cases, we've been trying to see if streaming/internet radio might be a good alternative. Sufficed to say, the utter and complete randomness that comes up in the playlists is a joke, and the vulgar...
  4. E

    How do updates to programs in Slacker occur? Talk radio in particular.

    I can’t find any documentation as to how the internet radiostations are updated. I used TED, Freakanomics, IDEA andmany of the radio talks that are updated on Slacker on a regular basis in other formats. They all seemed to be last updated aroundApril 19 or so. I keep looking for them to...