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  1. P

    Question about Tesla's manufacturing cost price on 3/Y

    Hi, I have a question i got from Tesla's Q1 earnings. I usually don't read much on forums and such, and i've got admit i've never used Tesla Motors Club before, so i'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask investing related questions. At Tesla earnings for Q1 we know they only sold model...
  2. LightngMcQueen

    Caution Tales for Teslanaires

    Hi everyone As we cover benefits and opportunities of Tesla and TSLA ownership, one topic does not get enough attention: risks that come with newly found wealth. Some of those risk may come from others who may now see Tslanaires a target and from cognitive biases which maybe stirred up by...
  3. EinSV

    Boring Company Investor's Thread

    The Boring Company is early in its life but, like other Elon Musk ventures, seems to have tremendous potential. With so many of us missing out on the opportunity to invest in Tesla and SpaceX as early-stage startups I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to share information about...
  4. paydirt76

    Paydirt's (TSLA) Option Investing Guide

    INTRO TO GUIDE This is for long-term investors... There's a huge opportunity with options that 99% of uber Tesla bulls are simply missing. If the company is grows exponentially as they have--most have reasonable confidence they will--then the investment could be best in an exponential...
  5. Avendit

    Tesla stock in the UK?

    Given that there seems to be a huge sale on stocks just now, is there an easy way to buy a share or 2 in Tesla from the UK? Any decent platforms etc? What costs should a small scale investor expect? Don't worry, not going to be throwing around loads of cash that should be in a fund etc, just...
  6. G

    If Tesla can win 10% of the pickup market, they'll earn $20 billion per year

    The US pickup truck market is about 3 million trucks per year. With an average selling price of $65-70K, the Cybertruck could do more revenue than the Model 3 with only a 10% market share. And as the video explains, there are only 3 main truck competitors in America.
  7. Ellec

    2018 Q2 Revenue Estimates?

    Q2 will be the first to include a decent amount of revenue from Model 3 ramp. What's you estimate for 2018 Q2 Revenue? Feel free to detail your thinking behind your estimate and/or take a guess at Q3. If this had been polled before I apologise and will delete the thread.
  8. srwx

    Investing from Australia

    I thought this might be of interest to some: I bought my Tesla shares via nabtrade and sadly they don't hold them directly in your name so you don't get to vote or get corporate event notifications, etc. Recently I signed up for stake.com.au and can confirm they do register all whole shares in...
  9. Bgarret

    China and Tesla

    This thread could be characterized by "blue sky" or overly optimistic sentiment, or just a realization of a matchmaker that some couples "belong together". China just a) announce 360 Billion of spending in renewables in the next 3 years...
  10. Bgarret

    Horsepower to HPW to Hydrogen?

    Wanted to contrast these 2 articles: 1. From our friend Fred and Electrek today regarding the 62% of auto executives who still believe hydrogen is the answer... Majority of automotive execs still believe battery-powered cars will fail and fuel cells are the future 2. To the environmental...
  11. Bgarret

    Model III - Your Case: On Time or On Jonas Time?

    Model III rollout is THE story for Tesla & TSLA. Gigafactory - sure...nice. S & X....keep em' hummin' off the line. Model III is make or break (or make or GOOGLE) for Elon et al. Thought it would be worth some end of year challenge to put out your case - good or bad - for delivery of Model...
  12. H

    Short term vs. Long term investing

    There seems to be a lot of chatter about options, call spreads and such. While such conversation generates interest, I seriously doubt it competes with "Buy and Hold". I am all-in on Tesla and it is a ten bagger for me. But if you read the forums, you would get the impression that I am a...
  13. callmesam

    Fourth Quarter 2013 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call - LIVE BLOG

    ​I will be live blogging the conference call at 230PM PST. If you have any thoughts or suggestions before we go live, please post them now. Here is the link to audio: Tesla - Events Presentations LINK TO REPORT...
  14. H

    How do stock brokers make money?

    I moved my shares from TD to Schwab. Now TD is offering me thousands to move my shares back. My first thought was that it took me leaving to be enticed to come back... But after that, it occurred to me that if they can offer me money to have my shares at the brokerage, they must be making more...
  15. Jonathan Hewitt

    Newbie Options Trading

    First, before anyone laughs, I understand the title is an oxymoron. In my defense, everyone has to start somewhere and either get burned and quit or get better and keep going. The reason I am starting this thread is I've noticed lots of newbies asking questions in several other threads about...
  16. Robert.Boston

    Long-Term Fundamentals of Tesla Motors (TSLA)

    Some people in the market are traders, and others are investors. The difference? Time horizon. Please use this thread to discuss the long-term fundamentals of Tesla Motors, from the POV of an investor.
  17. Robert.Boston

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2013

    When I was an economist at the Federal Reserve, people would ask "are interest rates going up or down?" The answer: "Yes." This thread is the place to discuss TSLA price movements and speculate as to their cause.