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  1. O

    2021 And The Rise of Oil - What Should Tesla Do?

    2020 oil took a beating like most everything else. As the economy recovers, oil prices will increase, which in the short run has been headline news for the pain at the pump. Assuming this comes back in 2021, how is Tesla positioning itself with the Model 3 as an alternative? My cousin's M3...
  2. EinSV

    Boring Company Investor's Thread

    The Boring Company is early in its life but, like other Elon Musk ventures, seems to have tremendous potential. With so many of us missing out on the opportunity to invest in Tesla and SpaceX as early-stage startups I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to share information about...
  3. bhtooefr

    NIO stock thread

    Figured I might as well put this here, as it is about an EV manufacturer, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with TSLA, so it doesn't fit in the investor forum. NIO had an IPO at $6.26 per American Depository Share on Wednesday, and they're, as of this posting, at $14.06 a share. Let's talk...
  4. T

    My Holding + Trading Approach

    I will share my approach on TSLA. It's easy to implement and worked well for me in the past. This "Holding + Trading" approach prevents me from buying high and selling low. 90% for long term investment. Buy and hold only, I expect many fold gain in the next 15 years. 20% for trading. It's for...
  5. dauger

    Why Tesla Motors is Worth Every Penny of its Net Losses

    A well-written article saying the billions in investments by Tesla Motors is justified: Why Tesla Motors Is Worth Every Penny of Its Net Losses -- The Motley Fool I'd say it does a good job putting TM's net losses thus far into perspective, comparing them to others in the industry, and...
  6. M

    Sold my MDX SUV, getting Model S ... for free?

    First, please excuse my English. I'm not the native English speaker. Two months back, I started to learn about Tesla. I'm fascianted about Elon Musk's story and Model S. That got me thinking. Since I belive in Elon and love the Model S, why not make some money while having fun driving. So...
  7. Mayhemm

    Access to Supercharger Technology....

    I live in rural Canada. The closest "major" center is around 400km away. A Model S with the 85kW battery should make it without issue. However, once there I'd find myself in need of a charge and without options. There are no public charging stations for thousands of kilometers, nor are...
  8. F

    TSLA Investor Discussions

    Down to $32 even in pre-market trading. If this stock hits the high $20s I'm borrowing money to buy more stock.