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juicebox charging

  1. ghuie32

    PSE&G New Credits: .105 per kWh and how to get a JuiceBox for less than $100 Installed - NJ

    As of June 1, 2023, PSE&G raised their credits from .02 kWh to .105 kWh for off peak charging. But, you would need a JuiceBox or ChargePoint charger. If you have a Tesla Wall Connector, you can still get the .02 kWh credits. Check out the video I made below!
  2. B

    Wallbox or Juicebox?

    Just saw that I have enough credits via my electric supplier to purchase a wall charger through their “reward store.” The options are generally limited to the Wallbox 48 or 40 and the Juicebox 40 or 32. The difference in credits here is nominal as they are all within 10% so wanted to pose the...
  3. C

    eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging and Model 3 Incompatibility Update

    For Model 3 owners having trouble using the eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging feature, I received this email from eMotorWerks today: “Thank you for your participation in eMotorWerks Rewards program. We appreciate you identifying your Tesla Model 3 in your JuiceNet mobile app. As a result...
  4. D

    Direct Charging v Juicebox

    Prior to buying my model 3 I had volt where I used a Juicebox Charger. Is there any benefit to using the juicebox with the model 3 or should I just use the direct cable provided by tesla and rely on onboard charger on the model 3? Thanks
  5. A

    Tesla supplied charger vs Juicebox

    Hello, New to EV's taking delivery MS60 saturday (woot!). bought a Juicebox 40 pro and wondering how much faster it is than the Tesla charger that comes with the car, Just saw that it has 240 plug too so Ive seen 29MPH with tesla supplied unit and 36MPH with Juicebox. Wondering if thats the...