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  1. Y

    Tesla Parts - Price List

    Hi - I would like to know if there is any source on the web that I can retrieve list of current prices for Tesla parts. I'm thinking about getting into the business of after market parts and a list of OEM parts / prices would be handy to have. I know consumers can get quotes on specific parts...
  2. N

    I created a registry for 2012 Model S VINs

    Hello all! This is my first post, but I have been a follower of the forum for a while. If you are not familiar, VINwiki is a website/app which allows users to upload information about cars and track vehicle history. On the app, I created a list for all 2012 Model S on the site, and decided to...
  3. Jomak

    Is there a list of Battery Pack rankings?

    I've been trying to find a ranking list or pros & cons of the MS battery packs. I thought this would be helpful for making a used MS purchase and I could find out more about the 2015-2017 battery pack reliability and what not.
  4. KaJu74

    Tesla Model 3: Europe Orders / Tesla Modell 3: Europa-ordrevaluering

    Hallo allerseits, Wir haben eine Liste erstellt, in der wir freiwillig Personen auffordern, Bestelldetails einzugeben, um einen besseren Überblick zu erhalten. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn es weitere Inserate geben würde, da Norwegen einer der größten Käufer von Tesla ist. Grüße KaJu74 Tesla...
  5. DanielFriederich

    Roadster VIN list

    Since I am totally "virusnized" by the Roadster and a Tesla fan I wanted to enable us to get track of (best case all ever produced) Roadsters driving round. So if you wanna contribute to my list which I will make open to public asap when I have collected some data please provide me with some...
  6. Gabzqc

    List of Sensors in a Model S

    Hi All, I have searched for a thread on this topic but have not found anything. Only links to Parking Sensor problems! Admin please move thread if you feel it should be in a different area. Has anyone seen a list of Sensors that must be built into the Model S? There must be some simple sensors...