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  1. H

    Charging Sessions and Charging Voltage

    The number of charging sessions for an EV's battery pack, regardless of your SoC and routine charging limit, have affect on battery life. Can we discuss this issue in light of Tesla recommendations to Plug in to a TWC every night? Why to avoid high powered DC chargers for your routine charging...
  2. TMC Staff

    Ex-Tesla Engineer Says Solid-State Batteries Are A 'False Hope'

    Now at the helm of Sila Nanotechnologies, he believes lithium-ion cells will reach $50/kWh in ten years. The whole world currently bets solid-state batteries will be a revolution in energy storage. Some bet even their own money on that, such as Volkswagen and Bill Gates are doing with...
  3. V

    lithium-Ion explosion

    Hello I am interested in how does Tesla prevents the battery from exploding while exposed to the heat in some states. From my experience, you can't put those batteries outside for a long period of times. This is even true for power banks who has small batteries. Can someone explains how does...
  4. slyastro

    Battery 101: 40 000 cycles with Panasonic 18650 cells?

    Electrical Engineer, Frank Boucher, just wrote an interesting and easy to understand technical article about Panasonic NCR18650B Cells. He also explains why a EV battery pack will be good for much more than 500 cycles, but up to 40 000 cycles (by keeping the pack between 30% and 70% SOC). That...
  5. tanner

    How much has your Model S' battery degraded?

    My 2013 Tesla P85 (6,500 miles) now has a range of 204 miles at about 85% charge - the loaner I just had (also a P85) had a range of about 220 at 85%, yet it has 2,000+ more miles than my car and it was newer. I thought lithium ion degradation was related to how many times the cells were charged...
  6. Electric700

    New Nanotechnology Triples Battery Capacity

    This promising new battery technology looks to offer approximately triple the battery energy density along with the potential for thousands of recharge cycles: Tiny Batteries Could Revolutionize Green Energy.
  7. delanman

    Another High-Energy Silicon Battery Technology - From Start-Up Amprius

    After a similar article in 2010 about Tesla using Panasonic's newest battery technology that still has not been fielded, MIT Technology Review published an article Jan. 10 about a new battery technology from a start-up called Amprius. Startup Gets $30 Million to Bring High-Energy Silicon...
  8. B

    Navigant webinar on Li-ion batteries

    Thought some might be interested in this: The Lithium Ion Inflection Point Navigant Research
  9. Electric700

    Should Tesla Motors be the First to Commercialize New Battery Technology?

    Oak Ridge National Laboratories announced that they have developed a lithium-sulfur battery capable of four times the energy density of lithium-ion technology, and they are looking to commercialize this. Here's the article: Oak Ridge National Laboratory - New all-solid sulfur-based battery...