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ludicrous mode

  1. CheekiTiki

    Available 2017 Model S P100DL, Factory Warranty, Ludicrous, MCU2, Ventilated Seats

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2017 Model S P100DL, Factory Warranty, Ludicrous, MCU2, HW3, Ventilated Seats. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2017 Model S P100DL, Factory Warranty,  Ludicrous, MCU2,  Ventilated Seats

    For sale 2017 Model S P100DL, Factory Warranty, Ludicrous, MCU2, Ventilated Seats

    2017 Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode Clean and clear title - 5YJSA1E43HF184550 Clean Carfax 56,XXX miles (still driving it) Transferable free connectivity Red exterior with Tan interior Ventilated seats 21" Turbine wheels MCU2 with SiriusXM/FM radio HW3 with upgraded cameras 3D mats...
    or best offer
  3. IChillinz

    Sold 2020 Model S Performance with FSD purchased

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2020 Model S Performance with FSD purchased. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. 2020 Model S Performance with FSD purchased

    For sale 2020 Model S Performance with FSD purchased

    Midnight Silver Metallic on Black leather Tesla Model S Performance with Full Self Driving Included ($12,000 option) This includes Tesla extended used Warranty until 12/29/25 or 60,000 miles This also includes Tesla Drivetrain and Battery Warranty until 12/29/28 or 150,000 miles Notable...
  5. A

    Expired 2018 Model X, P100D with 6 seats and Ludicrous Mode [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model X, P100D with 6 seats and Ludicrous Mode. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. E

    Expired 2018 Model X P100D - 12,769 miles Subzero Package [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model X P100D - LOW MILES. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. Z

    Tesla Model S MOT

    Hi there, I have a Model S (Ludicrous Mode) that I purchased almost three years ago. It is coming close to its MOT date. I wanted to find out if people have any recommendations. I am based in North London. I already spoke with Tesla and seems like they do not handle these themselves. Any...
  8. R

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong spot or its been asked, but if it has I couldnt find it exactly. I recently bought a 2016 P90D with insane+, and Im now regretting not looking for a Ludicrous enabled P90D. Does anyone know if the Ludicrous update is still available through purchase from...
  9. B

    2020 Model S Performance Ludicrous Mode FSD White / White

    I'm selling my 2020 Model S Performance with FSD. It has 30k miles. Looking for 93k. The car is located in Los Angeles.
  10. B

    FS Meticulously maintained 2018 P100D with 21" black arachnid wheels and enhanced autopilot.

    Meticulously maintained 2018 P100D with 21" black arachnid wheels, ludicrous mode and enhanced autopilot. Custom additions include ceramic tinted windows, paint protection film, vinyl wrap chrome delete, custom wrapped matte black interior with full chrome delete, front bumper wrapped to look...
  11. T

    FS: 2018 Model S P100D - Super Clean

    The car is at the detailer - Photos coming this weekend. I am selling my Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode!! Autopilot Hardware Ultra High Fidelity Sound HEPA Air Filtration System Smart Air Suspension Subzero Weather Package Keyless Entry Carbon Fiber Spoiler Power Liftgate Red Brake...
  12. Qbenjamin

    FS: 2016 MX P90DL w/2 Year Warranty

    Up for sale is my Stormtrooper MX, 225 @ 100% & ~205 @ 90%. Car currently has 50,500 miles, but will go up as it's my daily driver. Warranty is good until 83.5K miles, or Aug '23. Will consider trading for a LR Y, but it must have the white interior as well (no black exterior). There is an...
  13. J

    Selling Model S P90DL for $72k - OBO Low Miles

    Selling recently purchased P90DL from Tesla CPO on 8/3/19. Selling to downsize to Model 3. Specs below: Motor 90 kWh Dual Motor Ludicrous Upgrade Premium Upgrade Package Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Front Heated and Cooled Seats Power Liftgate Black Alcantara Headliner...
  14. D

    Purchasing Advice For Used Model S

    Hi All, I'm looking at a few used model S options here in NZ from the local Tesla showroom. Haven't physically seen any of them because we are in lockdown with Corona virus prevention - it's nice to dream though! Essentially I've got it down to three options and would appreciate opinions. Tesla...
  15. S

    Dual Motor Performance - Single On-Board Charger?

    Hello All, My family recently took delivery of a fully-loaded Dual Motor Performance Ludicrous mode X and was amazed to learn that it only came with the standard 48A on-board charger. This was not listed anywhere on the website and there is no factory option to "upgrade" to the dual 72A...
  16. danbur

    Multi-Coat Red P85D Ludicrous w/ many extras! (Greater Denver Area)

    Great car, great condition, no accidents! - Late 2014 VIN, January 2015 delivery - Lots of extra (see below) - 58,600 miles - Asking $55,000 Factory Configuration Red Multi-Coat Paint 85 kWh Performance Model S Dual Motor AWD All Glass Panoramic Roof 21" Grey Turbine Wheels (powder coated...
  17. D

    Free Ludicrous Upgrade for Existing Owners

    I own a 100D Model X and I see that Ludicrous is currently free for existing owners. Does this mean I trade my car for a new one and I get Ludicrous free? Or can I buy a 2nd car and get Ludicrous free?
  18. MichaelP90DL

    Whoa! Ludicrous+ added to my 2015 Model S P90DL

    It came with the 2019.12.1.1 firmware upgrade, but I notice the "Max Battery Power" control is gone. Can anyone tell me what, if any, performance improvement accompanies this? Thank you.
  19. gnuarm

    Ludicrous Mode from Easter Egg Screen

    I was showing the car to a friend the other day and to illustrate Musk's playfulness I showed him the Easter Egg screen and touched the Ludicrous Mode icon. It brought up the star field and then prompted for something like, "Bring it on" and "I want my mommy". Not wanting to turn on Ludicrous...
  20. B

    2015 S P90D Ludicrous Mode - $55,000.00

    Fully optioned 2015 S P90D w/ Ludicrous Mode, Autopilot, Upgraded Seats and Interior, and more. Was $141,950 on December 2015. Has 38,500 miles. In great shape but for some scrapes on three rims and a bit of tire missing because of curb rubbing. Need to sell fast. Please PM me or try three four...
  21. G

    Model X P90D Raffle Feedback

    I work for a non-profit in New Mexico that was recently donated a 2016 Model X P90D with ludicrous mode and about 20,000 miles on it. We are considering raffling it off, and I was looking for feedback from the Tesla community on the structure of the raffle. Would you be more likely to purchase a...
  22. P

    2014 Model S P85D w/ plus suspension, Ludicrous Mode, LTE upgrade, extended service agreement

    The impending expiration of the white CA carpool stickers has me in need of a new car by the end of the year, unfortunately. So, for sale is my December 2014 Model S P85D w/ plus suspension (sometimes referred to as a P85D+, P85DL, or P85DL+). One owner, title in hand. Fully loaded minus the...
  23. ElectricLove

    Towing a T@B trailer with Model S

    So, I've been sitting on this thought for a while and after much online research and not finding much great definitive info I decided to just dive in. I drive a Model S P85DL and installed a tow hitch on it and 4-flat wiring harness. It has the staggered 21" turbines and we generally get...
  24. Beta V

    Ludicrous Mode on the Model X 75D

    So my daughter got a free take-it-home for a day test drive and discovered the X (or so she said) had Ludicrous mode. My 75D does not seem to have that enabled. While I really doubt if my weak heart could take it if Angel was any faster, is this an option I could buy if my wife leaves me?
  25. S

    2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous for sale - loaded!

    Selling 2016 Model S P100D with Ludicrous: (Delivered Dec 2016) Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Solid Black Paint Sunroof 19" Slipstream Wheels - only have 2 weeks of wear on them (previously had 22") Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon fiber décor Black Headliner Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Tesla Red...
  26. N

    Tesla Project Loveday Video Entry

    Hello everyone. Well after a few long weeks our submission for the tesla project loveday competition is finally finished. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it! Huge thanks to my Co-Pilot and wingman Harry Turner for the crane fabrication and blackmagicdesign for the camera...
  27. MStack

    2016 Model X P90DL

    I'm selling my 2016 Model X P90D Special Edition with Ludicrous upgrade. The car has every possible upgrade and the 7 seat configuration. In great condition with 8,311 miles. Love the car, but financially downsizing. White on white. No modifications, still factory spec. I posted some full...
  28. jerjozwik

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    yesterday i got the news that my February 2016 build model s p90dl needs it battery replaced. i cant help but laugh at this because of my post in the pack performance thread in January. after speaking with the SC, i find out that the P90D battery is not an on shelf item and i have X amount of...
  29. Cellsaver

    Ludicrous vs sport setting affect range?

    I have a Model X P90DL. There is a setting of Ludicrous/Sport. If I have it set on Ludicrous but am just driving around town in a normal manner, will the range be lower than if it was set on Sport and I drove it the same way? T