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m3 deivery

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    M3 LR AWD tires in Washington all season ?

    Hi guys so I’m looking to buy the M3 AWD LR and it comes with 19” sport tires option. Are they all season? Or is there an option for that for someone living in WA or similar climates?
  2. S

    M3 LFP delivery timeline

    Hi everyone, here is a new owner for Model 3 SR+ with LFP. I just bought a Gen3 Charger and it was delivered yesterday. I want to know is there any good electrician who can install that at a good price? I really need it. And my delivery date was changed 3 times from September 1st, they didn't...
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    Is my M3 a showroom car &other issue? Help needed.

    Hello everyone, I am new here and would like to get some help with my questions. Much appreciated. I ordered my M3 on 19-JUL and, after only two days I received a call saying my order is scheduled to delivery very soon. The car was delivered home on 31-JUL. I had similar delivery experience...
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    West coast folks get delivery faster?

    so is it safe to assume west coast folks will get better deliver date even though u have ordered late.... am in east coast, I had defaulted to fremont delivery got call in 1 week for possible delivery. Once I told them I will change to pick up in east coast, they changed the VIN and asked me to...