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mobile charging

  1. P

    Charging outlet

    For Mobile Charging. Question 1: I have the regular 110v outlet with 15amp circuit breaker in the basement. Can this adaptor from 5-15 to 6-20 give me extra changing...
  2. P

    Troubleshooting home charging on 20A circuit

    Hi, I got my Model Y in August this year but am seeing strange charging behavior. When I tried plugging the included mobile charger into my 20A GFCI outlet, I noticed that the GFCI trips a few seconds after plugging in. If I reset the GFCI, it trips again after a few seconds. I tried plugging...
  3. M

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase]

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase] I purchased a new 2020 Model S and have no need for this Corded Mobile Connector. It is BRAND NEW and still UNOPENED in ORIGINAL Storage Bag. I am located in Chicago and willing to drive some distance to meet...
  4. aslam

    Urgent Request - Need a mobile charger in Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma area for a few days

    I'm in a bit of a bind here... and I'm hoping someone in the Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma-area can help me out. The Situation: A bit more than a week ago I parked my MS 100D at the Park N' Jet 2 long-term lot close to Seatac airport with about a 25% charge still remaining. Yesterday I checked my app...
  5. shauna

    Charging options for Model 3

    I have one electrician that installed a 30 amp 220 outlet in my outdoor electrical panel and say I can use this with my mobile charger and an adapter just fine and he will install a gfi outlet incase moisture gets in. This would allow me to charge at 22miles/hour. Another electrician told me...
  6. teddytoons

    Mobile charger cable strain relief

    So, I’m sure, like many folks, the mobile charging cable gets used a lot. I use mine every day. After about a year and a half, I noticed that cable getting intermittent. It finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks later. I noticed by manipulating the cable where it exits the charging module...
  7. TSAccessorize

    Model S/X/3 Gen 1Mobile Connector Bundle with Adaptors

    New Generation 1 40AMP 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 1x NEMA 14-50 Adapter 1x Storage Bag
  8. S

    Parts & swag! Mobile charging kit, parcel shelf, carpet floor mats, jacket, hoodie, hats, etc!!

    I just sold my 2016 Model S 90D (unfortunately) because of a house fire (total loss) and the resulting financial distress. So sad - it was my dream car! :( I will hopefully own another Tesla in the future, but until then I have no need for these extras. Please keep in mind that I'm selling...
  9. TSAccessorize

    New Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) Charger Gen 1 with Adapters

    its Brand New Price: $360 Shipped Includes: 1 x Tesla carrying case 1 x mobile connector main unit (with 20 ft cable) 1 x NEMA 14-50 adapter (high output outlet, 240v / 50 amp) - Level 2 1 x NEMA 5-15 adapter (standard house outlet, 120v / 15a) - Level 1
  10. torcator

    Charger on a friends house

    So, I have a colleague that lives 40 miles from home and since we work together, we meet a few times per week. I was thinking of installing an electric charger at his house but I'm not sure which one. This should be a temporary solution, something that eventually I could move it. And also...