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motor replacement

  1. N

    Repair Negligence or Coincidence?

    Hi Tesla family! Let me begin by apologizing if this is being posted in the wrong location (please reach out if there is a better location for me to post). I could really use some advice on how to proceed with a Tesla repair nightmare: Back in May, my wife was in a minor accident with her 2012...
  2. G

    Can one replace a MYLR rear motor with a MYP motor?

    Like many MY buyers with a taste for rapid acceleration, the MYLR+AB vs MYP+PUP choice has eaten at me. I opted for the former in 2021, living in a proper four-season climate with some junky roads in my weekly driving, as I could never get comfortable with the ~3/4" drop in suspension and...
  3. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Parts in Phoenix, AZ! Batteries, Motors, Collision Repair Parts, Conversion Kits, Solar! Worldwide Shipping

    Hello there from us here at EV Parts Solutions in Phoenix, AZ We have a wide range of parts available and in stock ready to ship to meet your many needs. For the repair crowd, body shops, and DIY members, we offer great replacement parts at fair prices and speedy shipping! For the...
  4. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Parts in Phoenix, AZ (Henry the Tesla Guy)

    Hello all, my name is Henry, I have been selling premium used Tesla parts in this community for 6 years now. I recently opened my own shop in Phoenix, AZ and we are finally up and operational. I focus on Tesla Model S and Model 3 parts and I am starting to have a wide range of availability...
  5. H

    7k miles. New motor put in and now need gear box fluid service. Anyone had similar experiences?

    Some details about my car: 4 months old 7.4k miles Model 3 Performance motor (un-bundled) Daily commute 80 miles Last week at work my car experienced power failure, followed by a message stating that: Vehicle may shut down unexpectedly 12v power reduced, vehicle needs service After calling...
  6. Z

    Starting to regret my purchase

    I'm curious if anyone else out there has had a lot of issues in a short time or if I drew the short straw? I purchased my 3 AWD exactly 1 month ago to the day. I arrived at the delivery center barely containing my excitement. I signed the paperwork, they handed me the keys and said bye bye...I...
  7. sledom

    Drive Unit Failure- No warranty- Going to Catalog my experience with repair or replacement

    Hi guys, My 2013 P85 hit 60000 miles yesterday and today after a 20 minute drive I put it in reverse to park it and the Motor quit working, started jumping and jerking and would only move at idle. If I stepped on the gas it would clunk and jerk and not really move at all. I'm fairly certain it...