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nintendo switch

  1. Frizzle Fry

    Nintendo controller compatibility

    I tried connecting both my Nintendo Pro Controller and SNES Online controller to my 2021 Model Y (2022.44.25.3) and failed in case anyone is wondering about compatibility. I tried connecting via USB-C cable to the centre console and also tried to pair the controllers to the car wirelessly. The...
  2. Eevee

    TeslaTari Game Controller

    I read that the most recent update (2018.48.12) allows people to play the video games via an XboxOne or PS4 game controller when plugged into one or the USB drives. This sounds great to me as I have a video-game obsessed kiddo and we have multiple gaming systems at home. I MUCH prefer handing...
  3. S

    Center Armrest Bracket Mount for Nintendo Switch

    I am trying to figure out what the best option is to mount a Nintendo Switch to the Model S for rear passengers to play with. I tried putting the Nintendo Switch directly on the center armrests with the built-in kickstand, but not surprisingly that fell over pretty quickly. The best place to...