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nose cone

  1. jq01

    For Sale: 2015 Model S Nose Cone

    2015 Model S nose cone for sale. Scuff marks below the trim under the left side of the T emblem. No dents or cracks anywhere. Just normal wear from driving. No holes for license plate. Great condition otherwise! DM if you want more pictures. Asking $150 + shipping or best offer. Open to...
  2. jq01

    Need 2015 Model S Nose Cone

    Does anyone have a 2015 Model S nose cone that is in very good condition for sale?
  3. N

    Nose cone model s wobbly steering wheel controls

    Hi everyone! This is my first post so plz forgive me for any errors. I just got a 2015 s85D and I love everything about the car other than the steering wheel controls/buttons. The buttons are wobbly and loose, making them look worse than the steering wheel controls on my friend’s 2008 Camry. Is...
  4. F

    Reliability Survey of the 'Nose Cone Model S' (2012-2016)

    Hi everyone, I am Fabien and currently drive a 2020 VW E-UP (I live in France). It's a hell of a car but need something bigger and will use the E-UP as a second car. I drove a 2012 Model S last summer in California and it I have been obsessed with it every since. However, reading forums and...
  5. M

    WTB 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    I'm looking to replace my 2012 Model S nose cone. Ours was dented in a minor fender bender. Other than that, it is in great shape so I'm looking to replace it with one in great shape (with no dents/scratches). Live in PA.
  6. M

    ISO 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    Looking to buy a 2012 Model S Nose Cone in GREAT condition. We had a little fender bender, and ours now has a dent. Would like to purchase a used one to replace ours. Not interested in the after market carbon fiber or wrapping.
  7. jobiggs24

    Model S Nose Cone Bumper (Metallic Blue)(Albany NY)

    Local Pickup. Reasonable offer takes it. Emblem and Chrome trim plastidipped, can be easily removed if desired.
  8. DaddyMac

    Nose-cone Wave

    Hi all, This post is targeted at the OG's out there. I recall when I first got my Model S 4 years ago, whenever I drove by another Tesla I would be greeted with an enthusiastic wave and smile from the other driver. The so called "Tesla nod". Over the years as the number of Tesla's has...
  9. EVS Motors

    Vendor FS: Tesla Model S (PRE-FACE LIFT) Front License Plate Bracket - No Drilling! *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a brand new front license plate bracket for the pre-face lift Model S (2012 - Oct. 2016 aka. nose cone). Neat thing about this is that there's no drilling required, so you can do this pretty easily in your garage and not make any holes in your bumper. I was going to...
  10. M

    Will carbon fiber or other wraps cover nose cone blemishes?

    If your nose cone has some scrapes and minor dings from rock damage, will the carbon fiber wrap - or another wrap material - cover those or do they adhere so closely to the surface they show all the imperfections that exist?
  11. J

    Tesla Nose Cone Stolen!

    Last night, 4/28/17, we were parked in downtown Springfield Missouri. When we got back to the car, someone had stolen the nose cone! Has anyone ever had something like this happen???
  12. tornado

    Escort 8500ci/9500ci or Beltronics STiR on a new Model S?

    Hi there, I'm selling my 2013 Model S (131,000 miles on it!) with the old nosecone that so helpfully housed my 8500ci these past 4 years, and getting a new Model S. Short question - I'm not sure where to put the 8500ci's radar/laser receiver with the new Model S lacking the nosecone! Has...
  13. MrJones390

    Fixed the nose cone

  14. jpwe10

    Matte Nose Cone

    What do you guys think of this. I personally think it looks great. It gets rid of the plastic look for the nose cone. Looks more sporty too. This is not my car, but a friend's. Here is a pic of an S without the matte wrap. See the difference it makes?