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  1. B

    Rear passenger door pops open

    2014 Model S P85 – passenger rear door unlocks and pops out Whenever the car is put into park, or unlocked from the outside via keyfob, the right rear door pops open just a little. I get an alert that the door is open and I have to either open and close it, or if I’m outside, I can just sort of...
  2. tanner

    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Doors

    I have a question pertaining to the doors on the refreshed X. The way it's worded on Tesla's site ("Automatic opening and closing front doors" -plural), it makes it sound like both of the front doors open as you approach them. Is this the case? Furthermore, do the auto opening doors work if you...
  3. J

    Door opens on its own

    Several hours after I washed my 2018 Model S in a no touch high pressure wash while parked in my garage I got a notification that my driver door was open. I went out and found the door ajar. I thought I must’ve left it ajar myself and wondered why I didn’t get notified earlier. A little while...
  4. C

    Hatch Open with Foot Wave under bumper

    Suggested software update: have rear camera monitor for foot wave under bumper. Check if driver phone app is local. If true, open hatch.
  5. C

    Frunk Unlock Button in phone app

    I would suggest that the phone app for my Model Y be changed so that the frunk unlock button on the main page is changed to open the rear hatch instead of the frunk. Hatch is used by everyone way more often than the frunk. Basic user interface design to put the most used buttons where the least...
  6. D

    Leave the car from passenger door, car remains open

    I am on firmware 2019.4.3 but it has been happening for some time now: If, for some reasons, I park my car and I leave the car from the passenger door, the car remains open. No matter if you close it by using the fob, or if you open/close it using the app, the car remains open (the handles are...
  7. fasteddie7

    3 apps open at once! Bug or feature?

    Bug or feature, I love it. Hopefully if it is a bug, Tesla thinks about implementing a purposely working verision of this in the future. Just spreading the word we can do this (have 3 apps open at once)
  8. dhelmly

    FWD and key FOB triggering. Truly need an option to turn off FOB Control

    **Note** This was also posted in the Tesla Model X forum thread as well. So far the Model X has been a reliable car and no real issues. It does what it's supposed to do and as we all know, a joy to drive. My only real concern so far is the coming back to the parking garage and seeing my FWD...