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FWD and key FOB triggering. Truly need an option to turn off FOB Control

Discussion in 'Model X' started by dhelmly, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. dhelmly

    dhelmly Member

    Sep 5, 2015
    Annapolis, MD 21403
    **Note** This was also posted in the Tesla Model X forum thread as well.

    So far the Model X has been a reliable car and no real issues. It does what it's supposed to do and as we all know, a joy to drive.

    My only real concern so far is the coming back to the parking garage and seeing my FWD open after a few hours of not being with the car. As you might have guessed, it's the key FOB being triggered in my jeans pocket as I walk away and somehow gets a double clicked. My FOB is in the Tesla Leather FOB holder with no other keys as I thought that might help after the first few times this happened. In many cases I have no pocket to put it in. The only answer for now is to hold the FOB in my hand until I'm out of communication with the car. In all the cases where it went off without me knowing it, I was by myself and the FWD were not used.

    We truly need an option to turn off FOB control from the Doors setting menu. My biggest concern is parking in a low ceiling area and returning to the car to see it's been damaged by low hanging pipe or other obstruction.

    As a side note, the first time it happened it actually hit someone when it opened without me knowing it at a gathering.

    I did report this to Tesla today as it's now a real concern. Tesla support told me they have no records of this type of thing happening. I find that odd as I know it's been reported on this forum.


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