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  1. M

    2015 tesla model s break pedal stuck down

    I drove my car 3 miles, parked it for 8 hours, yet when I get in my car it’s beeping like crazy. Break pedal is stuck down so I cannot shift or release it by pressing on it like usual. It was 29* out and it previously rained the days before, but not the day off. The picture below is of all the...
  2. Beryl

    Aluminum Alloy Pedal Covers

    I bought an expensive ($125) aftermarket set for my S and even though I had them professionally installed, the break pedal cover fell off three times. I got sick of having it replaced and bought the ones sold by Tesla. Model S/X Performance Pedal Set They also installed them and for the next...
  3. W

    While breaking, if you get the error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed"...

    I have a 2019 built Model 3. I haven't had it for more than 3 months. Recently, in the past week or so, I began seeing an annoying error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed" every time I braked. (I was not pressing both pedals). I attached the error message to show what it looked...
  4. V

    TAPTES vs topfit Pedals? cant decide which one is better

    Hi guys, Been reading about the aluminum pedals you can buy for the m3, and currently I'm stuck between ordering : TAPTes vs topfit pedals . Topfit I can get from eBay and taptes has their own site both pedals are at 25. I saw one youtube video review of both but want to know what you guys...
  5. MTN Ranger

    Topfit vs Generic Aluminum Pedals

    Here is a revisit to my first video on aftermarket aluminum pedals for the Model 3. I will compare the Topfit with generic pedals.
  6. Kenriko

    Model 3 | Installing Aluminum Performance Pedals

    TLDW Tesla Pedals Cost $150 vs these $30 Pedals from Ebay. Model S Pedals work on the Model 3 but the brake pedal is slightly wider. Install takes less than 1min you pull off the rubber pedal cover and put the new one on by pulling the rubber around the metal base. That's pretty much it...
  7. tanner

    Model 3 Pedal Upgrade?

    Let's face it, the rubber pedals Tesla ships the 3 and non performance S/X with are just sad... I had these little covers on my S that just slipped over the pedals, do you think they will fit on the 3 as well? I can't find any specifically made for the 3 and I'm unsure as to whether the pedals...
  8. SocalMS

    Model X Accelerator Pedal vs the Brake Pedal - Awkward Locations

    The Accelerator Pedal vs the Brake Pedal. 1. I notice my right constantly rubbing against the right side of the carpet when I press down the accelerator pedal. * The Pedal looks like it's in the right position, but I am consistently bumping against the right carpet wall, obstructing my...